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Age of Games executes both commission projects, exclusive projects and new intellectual property.

Videogames Development

Age of Games offers services and high-quality products. We create both projects based upon external designs/licenses and projects based on brand new Intellectual Properties

Educational Videogames and 3D Reconstructions

Thanks to the development of prestigious projects in the field of educational and historical-reconstructive applications, Age of Games provides services and products of the highest technical and artistic profile. The company, thanks to a vast network of collaborators, as well as prestigious collaborations with museums and universities, is able to offer a complete development service: technical, artistic, narrative and scientific research. Age of Games can create interactive projects with virtual navigation in real or imaginary environments and worlds, using the most modern technologies and methods of gamification and mixed reality.


Games are the basis of Human Culture


In the contemporary market it is increasingly difficult to capture the attention of our potential buyers. Millions of messages and information weigh down the traditional promotion of services and products. Consumers are no longer interested in older generation advertising. The Advergames, with a rising billionaire market value, are a concrete answer to this indispensable need for new interactive communication. Age of Games, thanks to a multi-year experience in the development of video games within specific communication campaigns (for public and private institutions), offers in this sector a wide range of customized solutions.

Art 3D/2D

Age of Gamess offers 360-degrees graphic services, from Concept Art creation, to 2D Storyboards and 3D creation of characters, environments and FMV (full motion videos) for entertainment, historical-educational reconstruction and communication projects: Characters/Environments Concept and Design, Characters/Environments 3D Modelling, 3D Characters/Environments Texturing and Surfacing, Character Rigging, Character Animation, Rendering, VFX, Compositing, Editing


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