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Rating: 1.13/5 - 8681 Plays
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Genre: Other, Skill

Run Jeff! Now featuring rainbow mode (crash into skulls and ignite them in flames while scoring loads of bonus points).Collect KEYS to unlock item powerups or even a cool pair of shades for Jeff to wear. Grab the red points multiplier to increase the value of the golden treasures. Grab the blue bonus multiplier to increase the points awarded for doing certain things. Avoid the skulls (unless rainbow mode active). Eat rare HEALTH ORBS to increase health. Have fun! Compete for a high score!







#3 MisterD 2013-11-30 10:53
Truly basic game where all you have to do is move up and down to collect stuff. I agree with the others and won't be coming back to play again.
#2 earth 2013-11-29 21:33
what fergus said, nothing good in this game except it can end really quickly due there are skulls everywhere and avoiding those isn't that easy always.
#1 fergusferret 2013-11-29 17:41
pointless game with crap everything. all you do is move up or down and hope to do so fast enough to collect your required stuff.

a game for the mindless without expectations other than to die quickly.

I am sure someone out there other than the coder will like this one but not me.


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