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Rating: 1.87/5 - 7692 Plays
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Genre: Platform

Ever played Gunbound? Angry Birds? well here's another similar game titled Artillery Rush! Choose your army and completely destroy your enemy's base strategically in this toss strategy game! Your given a huge cannon to fire upon your enemies base, angle your shot, charge it, and FIRE!



Use the RIGHT MOUSE CLICK to select your cannon and DRAG it backwards to charge your shot, in the mean time you can aim your shot as well.




#2 MisterD 2013-12-11 21:02
Reasonable effort at a "shoot and aim" style game. The dotted line showing the trajectory of the previous shot is a good touch. The gameplay is okay, but overall it soon becomes repetitive.

#1 earth 2012-11-26 20:50
fun for a while drag and shoot game, well made but challenging levels where 3 star achievement is rare thing, good graphics and sounds and nice death animation, easy gameplay otherwise but not dotted line to see prev. shot angle and different ammos have different trajectory and effective blastarea.

overall good game but level design is from hell due high difficulty if wants to get 3 stars.

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