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Rating: 1.59/5 - 4895 Plays
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Genre: Launch

Pirates Of The Caribbean is one of the greatest movies that have ever been made and that is why you definitely have to play this game. These online boat racing games are exactly what you need to provide you needed dose of fun per day as they are as interesting as the movie is.



Left ad Right to move. Clic and release the red shield to fire.




#1 fergusferret 2012-10-24 20:58
pirates of the caribbean may be the inspiration for this game but they are on different ends of the spectrum where good and bad. movement is crap on this game. the other ships have a lot more movement available to them than yours so when the opponents start firing at you the result is almost a foregone conclusion...., sunk!

playability is none existent. aim is crap and the chances of you hitting an enemy ship id down to pure luck more than skill.

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