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Rating: 2.20/5 - 7604 Plays
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Genre: SRPG, Turn-based RPG, Unity 3D, Micro-client, Prime Evil

<Inferno Legend> is a downloadable MMORPG with a completely anti-traditional storyline--you play a character who is officially a "devil". Living in the underground world, the player learns various and very interesting abilities (devil abilities are always more fun) and fight those humans of so-called justice.



In-Game Instructions.



+1 #3 MisterD 2014-02-26 23:16
If I was really looking to play downloadable MMORPG games I'd be looking somewhere else for them. But if this is your thing, then give it a go!

Sorry, it's not for me.

+1 #2 earth 2014-02-25 21:49
won't even try even I have unity installed. looks nice (at least starting screen).
+1 #1 fergusferret 2014-02-25 16:21
-a game to download and not only that but a game player that has to be downloaded as well ... no thanks to that idea. Unity player is not always a good system and it is based for windoze not macs.

there is no way to play this game 9on my computer so I cannot even give a score other than a 1

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