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Main Menu

  1. Play Campaign
  2. Skirmish
  3. Load Level
  4. Level Editor
  5. Statistics
  6. Credits
  7. Game Guide
  8. More strategy

Campaign Mode

  • Select a faction clicking on a shield. Try to conquer all the maps and become the King.
  • Select a level and click play to start a battle.
  • Press the new button to reset the campaign progress, all your data will be deleted.

Skirmish Mode

  • In Skirmish mode you can play versus your friends or versus cpu controlled enemies. Number of players: 2-6.
  • The skirmish map is a random map.
  • Click on shields to activate the different factions, press the play button and have fun.


  • Defeat all other factions in the map, destroying enemy units and castles.


  • We have two different types of units, NORMAL and HERO unit.
  • Every unit have a number that indicates the strenght of the unit, from 1 to 8.
  • After winning battles a unit increases his experience gaining a star (giving your unit an attack/defense bonus). Veteran level goes from 1 to 6 for Normal unit and from 1 to 5 for Hero unit.

Normal Unit


Hero Unit




  • Click on the hexagon containing the unit you want to move. A glow appears on the adjacent hexagons, indicating where you can move.
  • Click on the hexagon where you want the units to move. If the hexagon where you move contains an enemy, a battle will start.

Battle Window

  • Left side: attacker side.
  • Righ Side: defender side.
  • Dices displaying your unit's score.
  • Press the Skip button, if you want to skip the battle window.

In the battle window we can see the units involved in the battle, the number of the dices used for the units and the dices type, Normal unit 1d4 for level, Hero unit 2d2 for level.

During the battle fight all bonuses(veteran bonus, terrains bonus, castle bonus, mines bonus) will be considered.

If you win the enemy unit will disappear and your unit moves into the enemy hexagon, conquering it.

Game Interface

  • The number to the upper left is the basic strenght of your units, a new generated unit will have this strenght level. If a unit is wounded in battle losing strenght point, move it to a castle/tower or on the hexagon near the tower/castle to replenish his strenght, when your turn begin.
  • The number to the upper left indicates the number of mines you own (this will give your units an Equipment bonus).
  • Current turn.
  • Current player.
  • Moves left, the number of units you can move, there's no limit so you can move all your units.
  • End Turn button, if you don't want to move all your units.
  • Exit battle.
  • Music and sounds controls.


  • Conquer a free or enemy's territory on the map to increase the level of your units.
  • We have different terrains on the map: Mountain, Hill, Forest, Grass, Swamp, High (cold) Mountain (UNWALKABLE), Water (UNWALKABLE). Every terrain will give a different bonus when attacking or defending, so position your units wisely.

Ruins and Castles

  • Conquer ruins on the map faster then your enemies, ruins will turn into castles (at the beginning of your turn a castle will generate a new unit).
  • Conquer iron mines on the map faster then your enemies to grants your unit better equipments that will give an Att/Def bonus.
  • When a castle reach the maximum level of evolution, it generates a new knight unit. Every castle can maintain a maximum number of unit related to his level. When an unit wounded is near the castle or in the hexagon containing the castle the unit will get a reinforcement that will replenish his strenght.

Map editor:

  • Click on a shield to select a faction, and set the starting point for this faction on the map.
  • Select the terrain type on the left and click on the terrain you want to change.
  • Click the load map button to laod a previously created map and edit it.
  • Click the export map button and copy the code generated, now you can share it with your friends.

Load User Generated Level:

  • Paste the code you get when exporting a map into the text field.
  • Press the check map code button.
  • Click on an activated shield to select human or CPU player, at least one human need to be activated.
  • Click play to start the battle.