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Two Princes - Guide E-mail
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Two Princes is a platform/puzzle game where you must control two characters who together want to save the kidnapped princess. Collect coins to buy upgrades, find hidden bonus stages, and battle various enemies and bosses in this retro game.



Main Controls

Arrow keys to move/jump
'z' key to change characters
Space bar to attack or interact with objects



Coin - Collect to buy new weapons or shields
Heart - Increase the current character's health
Feather - Enter bonus game


If Sir Valliant falls into water, he can swim. Steve cannot swim.
Arrow keys to move
Space bar to open doors


Bonus Stage

Collect Hourglasses to add time
Collect as many coins as you can
Avoid feathers as they end the bonus stage immediately
Make it to the end of the bonus stage and receive a gem
Collect all gems and gain an advantage against the final boss

Arrow keys to move



You can exchange coins you have collected during the game for upgraded swords and shields. Swords increase your attack power, and shields increase your defense.

Left and Right arrow keys to control the hand cursor
Space bar to make a selection


Death mini-game

When the current character loses all their health you enter a mini-game where you try to recover as much health as possible. You have 10 arrows, and you want to shoot hearts. With each successful shot your health recovers by 10%. When all arrows are used, you return to playing the main game.

Space bar to fire arrows