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Impero Galactica Game Guide E-mail
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Select a race

In this engaging, fast-paced real-time strategy game, the human race has evolved into three races – the unchanged human race, the Cyborgs – humans who have chosen to upgrade their frail bodies, and the Surrogates – humans who have transferred their consciousness onto a machine.

This is the race selection screen you’ll see when starting the game:


Click on any race to read about it. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses that may alter its gameplay!


The aliens who are attacking your planets can be pretty aggressive. If this is your first game, we suggest that you try the Easy mode. The aliens will be a little easier to beat, and you will also receive some tips that may help you take your first couple of steps.


The difficulty level also controls the size of the sector you’re competing to control – Easy difficulty has a small amount of planet, while the Hard mode is packed with them.

Interface and Controls

This is the game’s main view. Here you can see all the important game information.


Red ore is the basic building material in the game. You will need a lot of it!

Credits are used to purchase items. The more planets you control, the more you will receive of both. There are also planet upgrades which increase the rate in which these are added.

Your goal is to conquer the enemy’s home planet, marked with the small alien head. Since your enemy is going to try to do the same, you will also need to protect your own home planet!

Clicking on any of the planets you control will bring up the production menu. Click once on an available item to read its description, and double click on it (or click on the Add button) to add it to the production queue. You can queue up to 5 items on a single planet. Clicking on an item in the queue will cancel its production.


Once you build your space port, you will also be able to build ships! You can set up a rally point by clicking on the Rally point button, and then dragging the marker to the location you want the ships to go to.


There are four icons which can appear around your planet. The ownership icon will tell you who owns the planet: a planet with a gold ownership icon is yours, while the aliens’ planets have a grey icon. The crown icon marks your home planet.

Planets with a spaceport will have a star icon. The number of stars represent the space port’s level.

The shield icon indicates that there’s a defense system on the planet, making it extremely hard to conquere. The more shields there are, the harder it is to attack the planet.

The small lightning icon means that the planet is producing something, and you can click on it to see its production queue. You will not see this icon if the planet is owned by the aliens.


Once you build a ship, it will be launched immediatelly into space. Click on a ship to select it, and move it around. You can also click and drag to select a number of ships.
Ships will attack enemy ships which stand in their path. Also, clicking on an enemy planey will order your selected ships to attack it.


You may build two types of ships:

the colonizer ships are used to take control of neutral planets. These ships are consumed when colonizing a planet. They are very weak, and won’t last long in combat.

the combat ships. Use your combat ships to both protect your own planets, and to attack enemy ships and planets. You can upgrade your space port in order to be able to build better ships.


Well… What are you waiting for? Choose your race and build your galactic empire!