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Home is a pretty simple and straightforward game



Play Screen

From here you can choose to upgrade your skills and perks, read the story, or begin an act



Skill Screen

Upgrade your skills by clicking on an icon. Hover over the icon first to find out what it does. Gold skills are approximately twice as strong as normal skills, so try and find gold skills as quickly as possible.



Perk Screen

Purchase new perks by clicking on them. Make sure to read what the perk does first. The three most cost efficient perks are Flares, Upgraded Spotlight, and Q Ability. Temporal Rewind is expensive, but very strong.



Loading Screen

Here you can see a map of the cavern you will be in. The red and blue dot is where you will begin, and the blue lines are enemy bases that need to be destroyed. Sometimes there is more than one base that needs to be destroyed, try to note how many you will have to destroy.



Game Screen

Move your ship with WASD. Shoot at enemies with the left mouse button. Later on you will find special abilities that can be activated with the Q, E, and Space keys. Remember that it's more important to dodge enemy shots than it is to land your own, there are infinite enemies, and only one of you.



Inventory Screen

Most inventory management is done automatically by the ship, but it will ask you to choose if you pick up multiple abilities that fill the same slot (Q, E, and Space). Hover over any item or statistic to learn what they do.