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A retro action game that casts you as the dragon! Claw and bite your way through hordes of monsters to reclaim your territory. Collect gold to become more powerful and rescue (or eat) your loyal kobold followers along the way.

Getting Started

You start in the center of a 5 x 5 grid representing your territory, visible as a map in the upper-right. The red dots on the map indicate enemies, the cyan dots are friendly kobolds, and the purple dot is your character, Dragondot. The enemies on screens further from the starting area get progressively tougher, with the corners occupied by challenging boss fights.


To control Dragondot, use the arrow keys to move, the X button to attack, and the Z button to jump. Attacking repeatedly will let you execute a combo that includes more powerful attacks - at the start of the game, your combo consists of two claw attacks followed by a bite. Hitting enemies will reduce their Health Points (represented by the red bar above them), defeating them when their health is fully depleted. When an enemy is defeated, they will drop gold experience orbs, which increase your score and level when collected, and red health orbs, which heal damage you've taken.

Moving to the edge of one screen will automatically put you on the screen adjacent. Note that while you can cross screen boundaries, enemies can't, so if you find yourself overwhelmed you can safely retreat to a previously-cleared screen; however, undefeated enemies will heal themselves when you leave the screen, so be careful not to head back while you're still weakened yourself.

Leveling Up

In addition to a full refill of health, collecting enough experience orbs to gain a level confers the following benefits:

Level 2

+5 Max Health Points

Level 3

Tail Sweep Attack

Level 4

+5 Max Health Points

Level 5

Flight (jump key while in air)

Level 6

+5 Max Health Points

Level 7

Claw Damage Increased

Level 8

+5 Max Health Points

Level 9

Bite/Tail Sweep Damage Increased

Level 10

+5 Max Health Points

Level 11

Pounce Attack (attack key while in air)

Level 12

+5 Max Health Points

Level 13

Knockback Resistance Increased

Level 14

+5 Max Health Points

Level 15

Fire Breath Attack

(AoG Supporter version only)

Enemy Strategies

goblinGoblins are pretty simple and straightforward - the main difficulty with them is getting surrounded by large numbers at once. They move slower than you do, though, so you can lead them around the screen for a while to get them to bunch up, turn around and hit them, and move away again before they attack.



hobgoblinHobgoblins move slow, but hit hard. They're a bit heavy, so your claw attacks won't knock them back far, and you might still be in range for their counterattack. When fighting large groups of them, try jumping over them -- they may accidentally hit each other, and the group will be much easier to fight once it's been weakened substantially by self-inflicted injuries.



worgWorg bites are pretty vicious, and have a tendency to pin you in place, so fighting groups of them can be dangerous; use jumps to manage your distance from the group and bait them into missed attacks. Against a single worg, the safest strategy is to bat it away with a well-timed claw swipe whenever it gets in range, as the knockback will cause the bite to miss. Also note that there's a large delay after the worg attacks where it's helpless - use this chance to land an attack of your own.



ninjaNinjas are some of the most dangerous normal enemies - they move and attack very quickly, and try to surround you. Avoid fighting them until you have the tail sweep ability - this technique is invaluable for sending a group of ninjas flying and getting some breathing room. Remember that you can start your attack combo even when there's no enemies in range, so you can time your combo such that you'll tail sweep as soon as the ninjas get to you. Even then, though, expect to take a few hits from them - you should never try to fight ninjas while at low health.


ghostGhosts are the most unusual of the normal enemies. They'll instantly damage you and send you flying if they touch you, so try and keep them at a distance with well-timed claw swipes. They have very little traction, so beware of them bouncing back at you from the side of the screen. Hitting one with a bite will cancel its momentum - this can be very valuable in certain situations, but be careful because it will immediately accelerate towards you again.

The upper left boss fight is a group of three ghosts. When fighting them, try to position yourself so that their approach is staggered, so that you can hit them away one at a time. If one ghost hits another, they will ricochet wildly; jumping may help you to dodge. Try keeping to the top left of the screen to avoid being knocked into another screen.

drakelingDrakelings are only found in Dungeon and Survival modes, and they definitely mean trouble - they have the same attacks that you do, and retain their mobility even when knocked into the air. Your bite and tail sweep have more range than claw attacks, so starting an early combo as they approach may be your best bet at dealing with them. Remember to retreat after sending them flying, or you risk leaving yourself open for a counterattack.



wizardThe upper right boss fight is against a lone wizard. He has two attacks that he uses, depending on your range, but they share the same cooldown: He will thunderpulse you if you get too close, but is vulnerable after a fireball. Let the wizard move away from you, then jump as you approach to avoid his fireball attack. Deal damage quickly, then withdraw to prevent him from hitting you with his thunderpulse. The wizard isn't very sturdy, so even your claw attacks will send him flying. Because of this, the most effective way to deal a large amount of damage safely is to let your claw attacks miss, then hit with bite and tail sweep. This will deal heavy damage and your tail sweep will finish the combo by sending him flying safely out of thunderpulse range.


giantThe lower left boss fight is against a giant and two goblins. His attacks hit hard, but the real threat is the incredible knockback that can easily send you flying multiple screens. When fighting him, don't worry about the goblins; the giant will accidentally take them out in his first swing or two. Bait the giant into swinging, then move away quickly; after he swings, hit him with two claws and a bite, then move away again. If you use your tail sweep, he'll hit you before you can move. Keeping to the lower-left will limit the distance the giant can hit you, and allow you to survive a hit without being knocked out of the screen, but keep moving to avoid getting trapped and juggled.


direworgThe lower right boss fight is against a single dire worg, combining high speed with a very powerful bite attack. Much like its smaller brethren, the dire worg is very vulnerable after its attack. Remember to keep moving to prevent the attack from connecting, or your health will drop fast. Try running toward the dire worg and jumping over it. This will make the dire worg miss with its bite, and you can land a full combo against its back. You'll need good timing to use this technique, because if you jump too soon, you'll collide and get bitten instead.

Daily Dungeon

In this mode, you race against the clock to get to the upper-right corner and beat the boss as fast as possible. Whenever there are enemies present onscreen, a force field will prevent you from leaving until they're defeated. Enemy groups grow more difficult as you approach the boss's room, and you'll face threats not seen in the main game. In particular, there are Elite versions of normal monsters, indicated with a crimson outline, that have stronger attacks and more health than normal foes. The boss fight will be against a single elite version of one of the normal bosses, with similarly upgraded attacks.

Each run through the dungeon on a given day will have the same distribution of enemy types, so you can try different routes to the boss to find one that works the best for that day's layout.


  • If the boss fight is too tough, consider backtracking to kill a few more foes and level up more - it'll cost you a bit of time up front, but having stronger attacks and more health may make the boss fight quicker in the long run.
  • You'll sometimes encounter the normal version of boss monsters on the way to the final room. If you need practice defeating those enemies quickly, you can head directly for those bosses in the main game for some easily-repeatable training.

Endless Survival

In this mode, you're confined to a single screen, and must face off against increasingly-difficult waves of endlessly appearing monsters. There's no victory condition in this mode - it's purely a challenge to see how long you can survive, and how high of a score you can get. There are some techniques that, while useful in the main game, are absolutely critical in this mode: moving away from enemies to get them to cluster together, and baiting enemies into hitting each other.


  • You're not timed in this mode, so you can afford to exercise caution in positioning yourself and enemies.
  • When things get too crowded on later waves, try flying above enemies to get them to group up, and then swooping down over them to make them hit each other.