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Big Red Bouncing Balls of Doom - Guide E-mail
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Bouncing Balls of Doom is a a tower defence game set in a besieged kingdom, under assault by hordes of vicious bouncing balls. Where are they from?.... no-one knows. Why are angry?... no-one knows. Why bouncing balls?... possibly because they're easy to draw, but no-one really knows. Its up to you commander to defend the kingdom and drive back the bouncy red menace.


How to Play- Basics

BRBOD plays much like any standard tower defence. You must build towers and use your castle's abilities to destroy the waves of enemies.
The game has two modes: construction and attack. Either press space bar or click the attack tab in the low left hand corner to toggle between them.
In construction mode the player can buy and place towers and buildings on the battlefield as well as select existing ones for selling or upgrading.
In attack mode the player can launch a variety of abilities from their main castle to damage or impede the enemy.

Game Interface


The current gold level is visible in the top left hand corner of the screen. Earn more by killing enemy units.
In the bottom right the mute sound and mute music buttons are found.
More information will appear in certain levels in the top right hand corner (see game objectives).
The Options menu can be clicked to pause the game and modify the sounds levels, graphics quality or exit the level.


Taking up the right side of the screen, the side-menu is split into three main sections.

-At the top is the building menu, separated into two tabs for ease of use; towers and defences. Here the player can select the appropriate building for construction on the main battlefield. The cost of each tower can be seen in the information area below as the mouse cursor hovers over each button.
-Taking up the central bulk of the menu is the information area. Here the gold cost of buildings/upgrades and sell refunds are listed together with the full building stats of any building currently selected in the battlefield.
The four stats are :
Health: The current and maximum hit points of the building.
Attack: The damage of the selected tower.
Rate: The number of attacks per second of the selected tower.
Range: The range of the tower's attacks in unit squares.
-At the bottom is the wave information area: here we can see an animated ticker of the basic composition of the current and future waves of attacking enemies. These are listed as either all ground units (green), all air units(blue) or both (yellow). Two more features are also visible:

Click this to toggle a 2 times increase in the game play speed.

When this glows, click it to skip any delay between enemy waves.

Main Battlefield:

By clicking and dragging the cursor outside of this field (and outside the side-menu), the player can rotate it to any desired angle.
Alternatively the keys 'D' and 'A' can be used for a quick 90° clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation.

The player cursor will change depending on whether the player is in construction or attack mode.
In construction mode a cursor denotes that the player cannot build here. This is either because is it disallowed by design of the map, or alternatively because the player cannot build on the outer edges of the battlefield.
A cursor denotes that the player can build at this location.

A cursor is shown when the player is in attack mode and is targeting the battlefield ground.
For air mines an extended cursor is shown to more accurately aim the mine.

Game Objectives

The primary objective of any level is to defend your castle. However each level can have additional primary objectives that the player must fulfil to succeed.

Unit Escape
In these levels the player must stop the enemy units from escaping the battlefield by reaching the level exits points, shown by these pulsing red squares.

The number of remaining units allowed to escape before failure is displayed in the top right hand corner.

Building Defence
Here, the player must stop the enemy from destroying a specific building. If it is destroyed, the level is lost.

Town Defence
Here, the player must stop the enemy from destroying a set number of neutral buildings(not player built towers and defences). The number of remaining building is displayed in the top right hand corner.

Building Assault
In these levels the player must take on a more aggressive role and destroy an enemy building on the map. These can be attacked by both the player abilities and by any towers placed in range. The enemy buildings can be selected like player building to check their remaining hit points.
Beware that the enemy defends these positions with seemingly endless numbers of enemies, and so they cannot be outlasted. The buildings must be destroyed quickly before you are overwhelmed.

Awards & Upgrades

By completing the levels according to certain conditions, the player can earn awards. These awards can be spent on the upgrade screen (found within the map screen), to upgrade both the castle and the player's active abilities.

No castle damage: your main castle take no damage throughout the course of the entire level. Does not include self repair back to full health.

No abilities: no abilities used at any point during the level.

No towers/defences build: No buildings of any kind are constructed during the entire level.

The awards can be spent on the upgrade screen, accessed from the map screen. Points can be redistributed amongst 6 separate areas spread across the abilities and the main castle.


Dmg/Slow/Mines: Upgrade the damage of arrow, bomb and air mine abilities and the slow ability magnitude. by up to 100%. Also increases the
maximum number of allowed air mines up to 5.

Reload Rate: Decreased the recharge rate of abilities by up to 100%.

Special: Increases the amount of damaged repaired, the wind magnitude and the lifetimes of the marker and portals by up to 100%.


Regen: Add HP regen to the main castle. Upgrade to increase rate.

Damage Reflect:
Adds damage reflect to manage the smaller enemy units.
NOTE: only effective on the smallest bouncers, ranged units unaffected.

Increases the maximum Hit points of the main castle.

Towers & Defences

Arrow Tower: Basic tower. Anti Ground and anti air. All rounder, good for all situations.

Bomb Tower: Area ground attack. Useful in situation of overwhelming enemy numbers.

Machine Gun Tower: Rapid Fire ground atttack. Starts off weaker that the arrow tower. But can be upgraded to a powerhouse of anti-ground fire.

Flak tower: Area anti-air attack. Very useful if you are expecting significant air attack.

Laser tower: Long range air/ground attack. If you can afford it, useful in drawn out, protracted battles to pick off the enemy early from a distance and to assault the enemy buildings.

Walls: Passive defence against enemy assault.

Spikes: Ground defence. Can injure most ground based enemies (not mages/suicide). Cannot be attacked, can be exceptionally useful if placed carefully.

Mines: Ground defence. Useful as a last ditch defence to prevent enemy escape.


1. Arrow: Basic single unit ground damage. Spam these to whittle down the enemy.
2. Bomb: Area ground damage. Useful for damage and for throwing enemy away from defences in the blast.
3. Frost: Area ground slow. Slow movement and attack rate of incoming units.
4. Air Mine: Click to place on the field. Will explode if air unit gets in range. Click to pop balloon and drop bomb to attack the ground below.
5. Repair: Repair allied buildings. (Does not repair main castle).
6. Beacon: Towers re-target enemies nearest the beacon. Also the less intelligent enemies will rush toward it as its big red and shiny, feel free to exploit their stupidity.
7. Wind: Blow the enemies around the battlefield. Useful for giving the enemy that little nudge towards the water/mine/portal/tower that you want them near.
8. Portal: Click to place, anything that steps in one, steps out the other. If a falling air-mine bomb happens to fall in one, it'll come flying out the other.


Bouncers: In a word, dumb. But my word are there a lot of these guys. Don't do much damage, but keep an eye on them... a few of them can overwhelm your castle quickly.

Spitters: Be careful with these, can put out a lot of damage very quickly, and tend to use lots of bouncers as cover. Take them out quickly with abilities or they can easily level a tower while you deal with a bouncer horde.

Bashers: Thankfully small in number. Very tough but slow. Just keep hitting them. And don't let them get too close. That mace does a lot of damage.

Mage: The bane of every commander. Can throw up an invincible shield around them and nearby enemies. The shield will drop when they attack, but by then its too late. Not too smart through, so can be distracted by some cheap defence, although can float right over spikes. Also, they don't like water.

JetPack: Can overwhelm an unprepared defence. Target the main castle, but will make an diversion for the first tower to attack them.

Suicide: Speedy, and area damage can level entire defensive lines. Destroy them before them get near your defences, a frost slow can be the difference between devastation and an impenetrable defence.

Airship: Cowardly, obnoxious, powerful long range annoyances. Will shoot down all but the most perfectly timed air-mine. They will pelt your main castle with long-range cannon fire all day long. Although these shots are rarely on target, they do tend to hit anything else nearby, so give your castle some room if you see on of these. Either setup an anti-air tower cluster in range, or try some fancy ability work and use the portals to bypass their close range air-mine defence.

Hints and Tips

Yes the mage shield is invincible: not much to be done about it. Just try to get it down by less direct methods.

Do not underestimate the usefulness of walls. Towers can fall quickly under enemy fire, and it is far cheaper to lose a walls your have invested 20GP in than a 70GP tower.

Click air-mines to pop the balloons: The falling bombs can help with the ground war.

Exploit the weaknesses of your enemies: bouncers are exceptionally stupid and attract to the beacon, use it to herd them. Mages really don't like water, find out why with a portal to a nearby lake.

Your enemies are not smart: they tend to attack whatever they see first, throw down some wood walls to distract them.

Use mines as a last ditch defence on escape levels.

Air-Mines and portals..... just try it.

Don't be surprised it you can't manage to get all the awards: a lot of them will be very, very hard. Not entirely sure if one or two are even possible. But about 15-20 awards should make you powerful enough to take on all foes.