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Ancient Cataclysm Game Guide E-mail
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Mouse or\and Keyboard:
"Up" and "Down" arrows for change unit birth position on battlefield, or you may click mouse on the blue points in left side.

"Left" and "Right" arrows for change class.

"Space" to create unit on the birth position, or you may click mouse on chosen class icon.

Hold arrows to auto-rotate, hold "Space" to auto-create.

Each unit needs mana to create. After birth you must wait until unit recharge time ends to create same unit. If mana does suffice wait white it be restored.


Chose enemy location on global map - you see location name, location hardness, you race icon, foe race icon and "Next" button.
To start fight press "Next".


After location mini-intro you become into the battlefield. In top of screen you can see battle time and Advantage gauge. Blue line increases when your unit crosses enemy border. Orange line increases when enemy unit crosses you border. You win if all gauge becomes blue or at the end of time the owner of higher advantage wins.



Melee units fight in private, ranged units attack from distance, but switched in melee when them attack.
It is necessary remember that each unit can fight only against one enemy at each moment of time in melee.

For each kill you earn 1 Honour Point.



HP - than it is more at a unit of health that longer than it will kill.
Manacoast - quantity of mana necessary for unit creation.
Cooldown - unit recharge time.
Melee Attack - any unit deals damage in melee.
Speed - how fast the unit moves.

Unit Classes


Gameplay of different races is not the same - each race a unique combination of 3 classes from 12:

Fighter - average melee unit.
Hp: 40, Manacost: 30, Cooldown: 6, Speed: 18, Atk: (0-4) +3.

Scout - very fast, but weak in melee.
Hp: 32, Manacost: 10, Cooldown: 4, Speed: 30, Atk: (0-1)

Archer - ranged unit, can use arrows. If sees the enemy stops and shoots it from distance.
Hp: 26, Manacost: 20, Cooldown: 8, Speed: 10, Atk: (0-3) +1 (Arrow: 5)

Bard - can buffs all ally. Each bard play one random song: black - increase all ally speed, blue - increase all ally defense, red - increase all ally attack.
Same effects dont stack. Cant use armor.
Hp: 20, Manacost: 25, Cooldown: 6, Speed: 10, Atk: (0-3)

Priest - can use heal sphere, generates them constantly. Heal sphere heal ally or damage units of Undead race.
Hp: 25, Manacost: 35, Cooldown: 8, Speed: 11, Atk: (0-3) (Heal Sphere: 5)

Witch - bard antipod. Can debuff all foe one random curse: black - decrease all foe speed, blue - decrease all foe defense, red - decrease all foe attack. Same effects dont stack. Cant use armor.
Hp: 15, Manacost: 40, Cooldown: 3, Speed: 12, Atk: (0-3)

Mystblade - strong melee unit. Has most of all health.
Hp: 60, Manacost: 45, Cooldown: 10, Speed: 10, Atk: (0-3) + (0-4) + 1

Warrior - strong melee unit. Can deal highest damage.
Hp: 51, Manacost: 45, Cooldown: 3, Speed: 13, Atk: (0-5) *2

Stalker - ranged unit, can use energy sphere, generates them constantly.
Hp: 32, Manacost: 30, Cooldown: 8, Speed: 8, Atk: (0-3) +1 (Strike: 2)

Reanimator - can transform each touched non-tech ally or foe corpse in Zombie.
Hp: 18, Manacost: 35, Cooldown: 10, Speed: 20, Atk: 1  

Monk - average melee unit.Cant use armor.
Hp: 45, Manacost: 25, Cooldown: 7, Speed: 15, Atk: (0-5) +2  

Adept - mana-generator. Each adept get you additional mana time to time. Cant use armor.
Hp: 22, Manacost: 30, Cooldown: 5, Speed: 5, Atk: (0-1)  

and secret class: Zombie - average melee unit. Weak but have high damage.
Hp: 28, Manacost: -, Cooldown: -, Speed: 16, Atk: (0-3) +5


Each time when you win next race (all 4 race location) you obtain new shard and get access to other race. Each shard gives the chance to you to improve each you unit. Shards allows to improve characteristics or recieve new abilities.

Chose a unit then chose a shard and buy ability in Upgrades Menu.

Forbidden Magic

Each time when you win next races you obtain a shard and unlock secret password. Unlocked passwords will be useful to you at repeated game or game for another race. Just click on "Passwords" and enter forbidden magic combination to unlock shards which you have remembered.



You need Honour Points to buy upgrades.
Each unit have unique combination of upgrades:

Boost HP - up unit hp,
Haste - up unit speed,
Low Manacost - decrease unit manacost by 5,
Sharp Arrows and Quick Arrows - up Arrows damage and speed,
Improved Strike - up Ranged Strike damage,
Cloth Armor - get damage reduction 1,
Leather Armor, Energetic Armor - get damage reduction 2,
Heavy Armor - get damage reduction 3,
Vampiric Touch - get 1 hp for hit enemy,
Great Sword, Sandblade, Fury and other - up unit attack,
Final Trick - reduce enemy speed when unit die,
Regeneration - regenerate unit hp time to time,
Toxic Death - poison enemy when unit die,
Poison Touch - poison enemy when start fight,
High Damage - unit always deal the maximum damage,
Evasion - allows ignore ranged attack,
Absorption - get mana for each kill,
Improved Heal, Quick Heal - improve Heal shpere's heal and speed,
Great Manaregen - unit generate more mana


Click on unit to see unit info. Click on shard to attach this shard to selected unit and see upgrade info. Remember - you need honour for buy upgrades (you get honour each time when foe die).

Hardness modes

Each race have 1 hard, 1 normal and 2 easy locations.
In easy locations Advance gauge start as 75\25, in normal and hard - 50\50. At high complexity there are more enemies. Try easier levels at first to receive Honour Points and to make Upgrades.

Additional Options

Press "Options" button in battle to PAUSE and this options:

"Surrender" - at any time you can leave battle having paid 30 Gold.
(When you win battle you earn 50 Gold.)

"End of Time" - This option becomes accessible when battle time remains less then 150 seconds and you have higher advantage. Than you can pay 100 Gold to win battle.