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Bank: The bank functions as a normal bank would. You deposit money into the bank, and the next day you'll see you have gained a substantial amount of interest. Using the bank will allow you to save up for items you wouldn't normally be able to obtain.



Bat Strat: Every 3rd turn the bat will drain your health. It doesn't drain too much so only heal when you need to. Be sure if you are low on HP to switch out of Aggressive stance. You'll deal less, but also take less.



Hobo Strat: The hobo's special ability is to heal. Every rd turn he will drink his ale and gain some HP back. Staying in Aggressive stance unless you're low on HP will ensure the death of this lowly hobo.



Classes: Each class gives a specific set of attributes. To the right of each class you will see which attributes will start higher.


Store: The store is where you buy new equipment for your character. Gear is essential in order to be able to defeat harder foes. Make sure you update your gear when it is feasible.


Dino Strat: The dino will increase its strength by a large amount every time it roars. You have to kill the dinos before their attacks kill you. Try to do as much dmg as possible while being able to stay alive. Aggressive stance will maximize dmg output, while healing will keep you alive.



Ninja: The ninja's special works similar to the dino's special. Every time the ninja throws his ninja stars they become more and more powerful. You must defeat this foe before his special attack one shots you.



Skelly: The skeleton foes have a special that will silence you. Be sure to use any spells you have enough hp before the silence goes off. Or carry a potion just in case your HP gets too low.



Raptor Strat: The raptor has a normal and strong attack. The strong attack acts like a special. The damage is consistent so prepare for the attack accordingly.



Odd Robot: Every 3rd turn the Odd little robot will shoot a beam from its chest. The damage is high but static, so prepare yourself for the blast.



Big Robot: The Big Robots have a charge attack. While the robot is charging the lazors be sure to deal as much damage output as possible. When you know the lazer is coming, switch to deensive stance to minimize the damage.



The first robot will heal. Deal as much damage to the robot while staying alive. This will ensure the heal has the least effect.

The third robot will occasionally fly into the air. Ground attacks will not work. Survive until the robot lands back to the ground; ten deal as much damage as possible.


Zombie strat: The disco zombie will unleash a wave of funk. This will silence you for a few turns. Be sure you'll have enough hp to survive during the silence.



Alien Strat: The alien will occasionally spit out a corrosive ball of goo at you. This will keep you from casting spells along with putting a poison DOT on you. Do as much damage as possible while staying alive during the duration of the silence.