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Rating: 2.44/5 - 8653 Plays
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Genre: Tower Defense

Monsters and other nasty creatures are approaching your city in great numbers. What better time than now to start thinking about defenses and stuff.




By now you know what it's like to be a Zombie...



#7 yangsyarif 2012-05-17 14:28
right, needs indication of the enemy health n especiali of turret.
-1 #6 Ragnar 2012-05-10 16:43
#5 Figsak 2012-04-27 23:34
Not worth playing. Move on folks, nothing to see here.
#4 fergusferret 2011-08-10 21:57
needs some form of indication of the enemy health and how far down it has got to allow for a better hold on the players interest. 1/5 and I am being generous because I like tower defence games
+1 #3 harrier0 2011-07-15 14:38
Very basic and doesn't hold your attention for long. There are much better 'basic' TD games out there. 1.5/5
+1 #2 DMs choice 2011-07-04 17:29
This is one of the most basic TDs I've ever seen. Basic in a bad sense! Graphics are boring and bad, towers are generic, gameplay is unimaginative. And Rastarnsag is right: The music is annoying.
It's...functional as a Tower Defense game, that's the best I can say.
2 stars out of 5.
#1 Rastarnsag 2010-08-06 22:23
its ok needs sound effects and music is annoying

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