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Rating: 1.88/5 - 5050 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD

Game has 6 different maps: Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Venus. 4 types of user control weapons: Ion Cannon, EMI, Extra EMI, Base Shield. You have to complete first level to unlock second etc. By killing robo-bugs you earn money and expirience points. After each level you can unlock and upgrade your special weapons. Sometimes you need to play level twice to collect enough exp point for more powerfull weapon. 3 music thems. Auto save progress. (unlocked levels, gold, exp, weapon upgrades) Just press continue button.



Hotkeys + Mouse




#2 fergusferret 2016-09-25 00:33
hmmm this is a game of bad english, poor information within the game for levelling towers to the next level and to put the cherry on, so to speak, we also get informed before we even start that we will have to grind levels for experience to upgrade the 'special' weapons available. i had to grind 6 times on the first map, losing every time and to add to that i had to play close to 20 times to win that first level. levelled the 'specials a few times to get that win .. some TD. the next levels should be tougher but with the 'special's in the 3 levels out of 4 in upgrades I am wondering just how i am supposed to win the next level.

this is a hard game but you can win it .. just have to do a lot of grinding. it was stated some grinding may be needed :D

over all so far nothing new in the game for the genre.

#1 earth 2016-09-23 19:38
normal td in good and bad and very small screen, as usual enemies withstand dmg bit too well and towers deal dmg bit too little and money is scarce, decent graphs and sounds.

overall nothing new from western front.

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