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Rating: 2.00/5 - 5283 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD

Your Island is in danger! Pirates are going to conquer your land! Defend it in all costs. Create tower, build defenses and don't let the pirates inside your wonderful island!



Mouse. In-game tutorial.




#2 fergusferret 2016-06-11 20:49
tower defence met clicker hero's in a sewer environment and came up with this piece of garbage.

best way to use your towers is to attack with one tower until you have to move to the nest but always clicking as fast as possible to keep the upgrade as it disappears fast if you do not and after the tower is of no use you sell it again.

speed is of the essence here and grind the levels to upgrade your potential towers so you might be able to leave a tower to do its thing without your intimate attention all the time.

I will not say just how this could get worse for fear they may just decide to make one.

#1 earth 2016-06-09 21:05
nice td otherwise but grinding is needed to be able to move on, nice amount towers although player sees most of those very late in game, semi-normal towers and if keeps clicking tower then it does extra damage, nice graphs etc.

overall nice game but grinding and td ain't best possible combination.

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