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Rating: 3.73/5 - 8201 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD

Are you a good defender? Well, in this game you must do everything to protect this land! Just place your warriors and be ready for many waves of enemies. Each of the warrior has his own power and abilities. So, get money and buy your army. Have fun.



In-Game Instructions.




#5 DMs choice 2015-09-16 09:14
Solidly made tower defense game with good graphics, nice music and a rich choice of special effects as well as from towers as from bad guys.
However, it is worse than its predecessors. Except for the robot towers it offers nothing new, and the bad guys are totally generic. While in KotG2 the bad guys all had a similar graphic style and thus looked somewhat "related", this here employs just a random bunch of monsters without a common theme.
(Also, I don't like of the series in general that you can't really "grind" levels and get some XP for playing them even if you totally fail. But that's not too bad).
Still, I'd rank this game easily in the upper third within the heap of tower defense games.
3,5/5 stars
#4 Takuto 2015-09-15 21:58
Thanks for well done sequel. However, I prefer the music of the first game. Still 5/5.

One slight disadvantage of the game (the previous episodes, too) is that you need only Siren, Thor, Flamethrower and Zapzap or Engineer to win every level. On the other hand, you can win without any blue or rooting tower. Thus, a more difficult level than "insane" would be nice.
#3 MisterD 2015-09-15 20:44
This is the third in the "Keeper Of The Grove" series. Both of the other two games are available on AoG.

This game falls into the standard Tower Defense category, with nothing too new or too different to comment on. It plays okay and the whole thing is polished, although it's lacking that killer addictive quality.

Standard for the genre.

#2 earth 2015-09-15 19:50
simplier td than its predessors and graphics (still nice) looks to been bit downgraded, same element towers as before but more crude, alot achievements but pretty much same as part 2, sounds and music are still very nice.

overall simplified version of earlier games and id.net-account is required to unlock insane difficulty.
#1 fergusferret 2015-09-15 11:57
less charismatic than the first 2 with the same abilities but the characters have been replaced with more basic characters. it plays as well but there are a few irritating bits. I preferred the other characters, they gave the game more character. this just moves the series into the mundane playable tower defence region.

no outstanding content.


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