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Rating: 3.60/5 - 5565 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD

Are you brave enough? Then you r mission is very important! You have to defend your territory and towers from goblins and other strange and dangerous creatures. They are coming, so hurry up and shoot! All the time, in order to survive. Good luck to you!



Mouse : Aim; 1-4 : Special Moves.




#2 earth 2015-06-11 19:53
nice defend the base game with alot enemies and big bad boss in the end, enemies vary from easy kills to tough kills and from melee to bombers and flyers (nothing unseen in genre), with money earned player upgrades char and buys bettwe bows (getting money for all of those requires bit grinding), few skills to be used (and few which help player otherwise like adding more arrows and giving units which fight against melee enemies), very nice graphs and rest.

overall nice game which plays well and isn't too grindy.
#1 fergusferret 2015-06-11 12:24
fairly simple and straight forward copy of sentry knight but with a bit better graphics. no shooting needed as this shoots automatic and upgrades are as usual a bit hard to come by. Best advice I can offer is get the top range weapon as fast as you can, upgrade speed and power and then upgrade the rest. you keep all your gold from lost levels so losing a low level a few times, while not giving cash as high as you may like, will provide a cash boost to help get that top level weapon and then you will be better armed to deal with the rest.


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