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Rating: 3.00/5 - 4661 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD

Welcome to Defend Us 2! This is a fresh tower defense game, filled with achievements, stats, turrets, items, enemies... That's a lot of stuff! You can play this game in both english and spanish. (I'm not native, please bear my english :p). There are two game modes: campaign and survival. >There are 28 levels on campaign mode. You may complete them in order to unlock new turrets, items, and themes. >In survival mode, a random map is generated, and you try to survive to waves of enemies. You can use the unlocked items and turrets.



You can control all the game using the mouse. Click on a icon to select a turret or item, click again to place it. If you wanna cancel, click the interface bar (you can also use ESC key to do that).




#3 MisterD 2015-05-27 21:21
Second generation TD game in this series. The first game is also on AoG (http://www.ageofgames.net/en/free-strategy-games/3192-defend-us.html).

Overall there's not a lot wrong with this game. It's playable with reasonable gameplay and good effects. But don't expect anything new or different compared to other TD style games.

Worth a try.

+1 #2 fergusferret 2015-05-23 10:03
basic tower defence with a lot of achievements if you like to that sort of thing.first 6 levels can be done with 1 single turret, upgrading as you go. the enemies are that easy at the start.

the more rounds in the level the harder the enemies become so you will most likely need at least 2 turrets from level 6 onwards and possibly more as you progress.

cash is easy to get with the number of small weak enemies and gets larger in amounts as the levels progress. heed a warning here ,,, upgrade towers as soon as you can and use as few towers as you can get away with. putting loads of towers out there may do the trick but a few less and upgraded will work a lot better. The higher the upgrade the better. After level 6 you will need more towers but make sure they get upgraded. the cash may be flowing but not that fast so you can upgrade loads of turrets.

+1 #1 earth 2015-05-22 19:25
normal td except player starts with 1 unit and gets more on each level, towers can be upgraded too if has extra money (not necessarily since at least early all money goes on buying towers), looks to be easy difficulty, decent graphs and sounds and nice music.

overall nice and simple td but doesn't bring much new into genre.

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