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Rating: 3.69/5 - 8065 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Other

Turn based game with upgrades. -4 warring factions -13 unique missions -27 types of upgrades, weapons and items. Choose your own playing style discovering new tactics again and again.



WASD – map scrolling. Mouse – other controls




#3 earth 2014-07-17 20:11
nice turn by turn rts except soldiers should automatically reload their guns (and have unlimited ammo) and defend themselves if get attacked, no indication how far can move w/o being able to attack anymore, plenty of things to buy (money is bit scarce and goes mostly to replenish used stuffs like ammos and grenades), nice graphics etc.

overall nice game but few things would make it better.
#2 DMs choice 2014-07-17 18:36
I already was about to recommend this game, but it has one major problem: The action point system is a bit... intransparent. I find it really difficult to estimate, how far I can move to still be able to pull certain actions (especially throwing grenades). Just a single step to far, and suddenly you stand in the open, unable to act, and get blasted to pieces by the enemies. Often, the mission becomes unsolvable at this point and you can start all over :cry:
An "Undo action" button would be an amazing addition to this game!
Still, it's got a very interesting gameplay (round-based, I love that 8) ), works well and is challenging. The story is a bit thin (story?), though, but it well deserves 3/5 points. Unfortunately, it could have been more...
#1 fergusferret 2014-07-17 13:51
played this elsewhere and it is not too bad. one guy with a gun and another with a hammer and a set of grenades. place wisely as they can be beaten easily if in the wrong order. take small steps to your goal as well until you learn how they move and attack.


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