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Rating: 3.42/5 - 8804 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD

Fight epic battles with the help of your enchanted bow. Rally your forces and march into enemy territory to purge the land of the neverending Winter Storm. The latest in the Bowmaster series from LostVectors.com, fight against hordes of new enemies with tons of new upgrades to become the ultimate Bowmaster



AD to move left and right. W to move up into a castle or tree. S to crouch. Spacebar to jump. Click-Drag-Release or Point-Click to shoot (you pick your preferred shooting mode). For point-click shooting mode: E – set angle mode low (normal); Q – set angle mode high.




-1 #4 Clayaog 2014-03-30 05:20
I'm a great fan of these type of bow games and of Bow master 1. It really needs a speed control in game. Painfully slow moving action with Firefox browser, I guess that it must not be running at intended speed. I wish i could play it at the speed I imagine it was intended to be played.
#3 earth 2014-03-06 22:14
good sequel to good game and winter theme is just plus, lots of enemies to kill (better to choose point and shoot since with drag and shoot arm can start hurting) and also lots of different type of enemies (from small to big, from small elf to big dragons and elemental giants), plenty of upgrades to get (some are class restricted), lots of levels to play (from easy to hard) and replaying those helps getting upgrades, player can move main char if wants and also buy units (basic medieval units plus dragon), when aiming player needs to lookout not to hit friendly unit (basic units can get killed with 1 shot when main is fully upgraded), money is gotten from kills and shooting coins in the ground, very nice graphics and sounds and music.

overall good shooting game where only problem is to decide what upgrades buy 1st, some levels are unpassable until gets some upgrades (and replaying earlier lvls helps in that), few quests exist and those are completed and discovered as game goes on.
#2 MisterD 2014-03-06 16:02
So these kinds of shooter games are not my favourite, but this one is actually okay.

It has good sounds, graphics and music and the gameplay works just fine. There are lots of upgrades available, almost giving too much choice.

Choose the Point-Click shooting mode for an easier game.

Well done, even if I'm not a massive fan.

#1 fergusferret 2014-03-06 11:23
at last ..... :D

nice game with lots of upgrades and you can choose your path a little more with either power shots but no shot speed upgrades or faster shots at the same power rate. lots of levels on a rail but at least you can upgrade your player to the levels and in whatever way you want to almost (within the selection that is available).

you can also have the usual help from an army of friendly soldiers. be aware you have a dragon at a later point that is awesome and will help a lot more than your ground troops will.

enjoy the change of ace and the flying monsters as well as the ground troops. take time to think and adjust as you go along the route to victory :D


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