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Rating: 3.07/5 - 4854 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Upgrades

The King’s League: Odyssey is a follow up to the well-received simulation strategy game The King’s League. Once again, the kingdom calls for warriors to join the royal league. With more unit classes, quests and events – this is one league you don’t want to miss!



In-Game Tutorial.




#3 fergusferret 2013-12-20 11:29
same old same old as the saying goes. there is no real difference in this second instalment to the first. pick up characters from all over the place and try to gain unique set for the kings battle at the end. the map is the same and the way things happen is the same just the storyline is slightly different.

plays well enough but there are no changes to the first other than the story line. That alone kind of makes this second rate really.It is almost as if the coders decided to put it out again and just changed the first bit of the game with the new story

2/5 ... sequels are supposed to bring something new to the genre not just rehash the original
#2 MisterD 2013-12-19 09:19
Good game with lots of opportunity for different combinations of activities and trying to gain achievements. The game plays well, the graphics are slick and all the controls are easy to use. The only downside is that it takes a long time to complete.

#1 earth 2013-12-17 23:47
nice game otherwise but differences to 1st game are minimal, several type of units which can be trained (takes long time to get stats high enough to survive in all battles), chars and buildings can be upgraded (costs either money or crystals (bit difficult to get and never enough)), money (and crystals too) is gotten from battles and money can be used to buy more crystals if trader appears, units can be recruited from 4 places and occasionally good units appear, very nice graphics with nice sounds and music.

overall very nice game but it takes time to complete and differences to 1st game are minimal, everything works fine, sometimes battles are won/lost by sheer luck.

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