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Rating: 3.74/5 - 8085 Plays
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Genre: Tower Defense with Rpg Elements

Explore vast outer space dungeons and build up a powerful army of heroes! Little Protector Planes is an addicting RPG where your main goal is to quest like crazy! Go on epically addicting quests and gain more powerful gear and weapons, even new troops! Good luck!



Mouse. In-Game Tutotial.




#2 earth 2013-11-03 22:22
what fergus said.

alot quests to do (and needed to do) but not enuf time given, gold is gotten from enemies but not that much player could equip party that well that it'd survive dungeon thru w/o spending lots of turns to resting (since player needs to do same on surface too and resting can restore from 5 to 15 health which isn't nice if like half of health is gone and total pain in bottom if 1 or more party members die), equipments are either found or bought (stupidly enuf potions etc are bought from 1 store and weapons and armors from other store and stores are scattered around map (which totally bites in big maps) and gen. store lacks magical weaps), game comes easier as party grows (especially with full party) and levels up (should be automatic but no, player needs to click char at bottom to level him up), after player runs out of turns party ascends to other island but found soldiers won't follow (same time stupid and understandable).

overall nice game but alot things could been done otherwise to improve game.
#1 fergusferret 2013-11-03 13:27
seen a similar limited time type game and this is not much better with even less of a time limit to do anything. this is frustrating as games go as there are things you just cannot complete in the time allowed. ok the time is moves but even so limited movements just make games less likely to be played more than once and even then for a short time.

graphics are not quite old school but not up to the minute either. They work for the game and that is all that matters though. you get to move your characters in a group but that is all you do with no real interaction with them in the battles themselves and, they just disappear after you ascend again so to speak.n The info given in the tutorials is slow and not quite as intuitive as it could be so marks are reduced on this from its potential.


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