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Rating: 3.96/5 - 20341 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD

The Keeper of 4 Elements is an epic TD game that has resemblance with Kingdom Rush. Lead your army in defending your motherland against the incoming mighty invaders. Use the magical 4 elements to repel the invasion.



Mouse. In-Game Tutotial.




#5 kideatingclown 2013-09-23 08:13
I LOVE the music, especially at the level select screen.
#4 earth 2013-09-21 19:44
getting 2500 kills by monk is total pia since monk shoots just with 1 beam which isn't as powerful as it should be in this case so only 1 target at a time and many enemies withstand alot damage and some enemies (like mage and his trees) can reach end of map with big group.
#3 fergusferret 2013-09-20 18:13
fun TD nothing new brought to the genre but then I doubt that anything new is possible with the number of tower defence games out there.

have to agree with earth on the bug issue. thus a down grade on points

#2 dan1412000 2013-09-18 23:42
This game is fun at first, but the level get way too hard. You must have to have a perfect alignment of towers to beat the higher stages. I can't beat the 13th stage on the easiest level and I have 3 stars on all but 3 of the other levels. Just too difficult to be fun. More frustrating than anything.
#1 earth 2013-09-17 20:06
nice td-game but doesn't bring much new to genre, basic elemental towers which can be upgraded if has money but not nothing extraoridinary, specials are nice but those have been seen before too, upgrade points are given after each level as usual and upgrades are quite standard, enemies are pretty standard too aka some are just cannonfodder while some have high health and some are fast, very nice graphics with nice sounds and music.

overall well made td-game but most has been seen before, plenty of achievements (although at least 1 is bugged (launch all waves manually on one map)) but those don't give any benefit (aka upgrade points) so those are just eyecandy.

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