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Rating: 2.77/5 - 7842 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Defense

Time after time, war after war, countless troops of elite solders are Incoming Again for another base defensive game! Develop your own defensive plan and try to protect your fortress for 19 days.



Mouse. In-Game Tutotial.




#3 earth 2013-07-05 20:03
works for me normally but that doesn't change game being crappy, 1st weapon has 8 ammos to use before reload and 2nd (grenades) have 1 ammo and 3rd has 30 ammos and due there are 30 something enemies to killl player spends time for waiting reload to finish and 1st 3 weaps don't even do that much damage (1st weap requires 2-3 hits to kill 1 enemy, grenade does better but getting it to where wants if different thing and 3rd kills enemies with 1 hit but also runs out of ammo quickly), luckily base has alot health since otherwise player couldn't finish even 1st level, nice amount of weaps to buy and those are gotten somewhat quickly due game gives money nicely (not that it improves game much), plenty to kill but many times its difficult to find who is living and who not and where's last enemy hiding, ok but dark and small graphics and decent sounds.

overall crappy defend the base where game gives plenty of cash but weaps are crappy and graphics are quite same.
#2 fergusferret 2013-07-05 14:39
standard shoot em up base defence with 4 types of weapon available which get a bit better each upgrade you can afford to buy.

not had the problems with the end of level bug nor had a problem with collecting drops but it is a bit slow with reloading and no upgrades for that at all just better weapons with cash won in the previous battles.

1/5 is as good as it gets though as it is a slow and dark game to try to see where the enemy is on the field gaining the mortar seems best at present but there seem to be better weapons at later levels (when you have earned enough cash for them that is)

#1 Jairone 2013-07-05 12:49
A horrible excuse for a game.

It is your standard base shooter, except it doesn't work. When you beat a level it just stops and you have to 'give up' and go to the menu to progress.

Add to that a lack of hotkeys working, and problems picking up dropped stuff, and you have a game that deserves a 1/5 for failure to do QC.

1/5, bugs make for a bad game.

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