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Rating: 1.17/5 - 7243 Plays
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Genre: Strategy

Join the ship war, control your ship, tower, factory and refinery. Take control any floating objects in this ultimate ship war!



Mouse. In-Game Tutorial.




#4 fergusferret 2013-05-16 23:01
have to agree with jairone and ragnar on this one. they said it all.

#3 earth 2013-05-16 19:53
stupid capture bases and too difficult, computer is well ahead player on upgrades (sure player gets money to buy upgrades by replaying same level (5th) again and again but that gets tedious /and if upgrade costs 500 and player gets 125 its 4 replays) and in 5th level player is severely handicapped due opponent has short distance to most bases while player has meduim to long distance) and that is shown on 5th level when opponent gets instantly base to 10 pop which makes it difficult to capture due player's forces can't get even near those (I had 3 bases throwing forces against 1 big base but my forces didn't even make a dent), alot upgrades but getting money for those requires replaying same level over and over again and that gets boring after few attempts due overpowered ai, nice graphics but very crappy sounds and music is bit better than sounds.

overall bad conquer game where player doesn't have money to stay on same level as ai which gets upgrades with great discount apparently, replaying same level over and over again bites bottom.

I played hacked version of this and later there are worse level than 5th and that level is basically impossible to pass due multiple enemies which all attack against player's bases making it too difficult to capture more bases.
#2 Jairone 2013-05-16 15:26
Not only is this a clone, but a poorly done one. Stage 5 has the computer with bonuses the player can simply not achieve, resulting in an impossible map. (Medium ship, 10 reinforce, extra reinforce due to the refinery next to the computer on the bottom.)
1/5 for copy and balance issues make it even worse.
#1 Ragnar 2013-05-16 02:04
1/5 being a clone of so many other games in this genre - indeed I recognise the graphics from another game which cannot remember or be bothered to track down

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