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Rating: 3.32/5 - 14809 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Rpg

Recruit armies, captains, siege towns, capture cities and send your loyal soldiers to fight the corrupted rune kingdom. Heroes empire is a RPG driven strategy game with engaging storyline and over 20 provinces to conquer. Gather your best man, its time for war!



Mouse. In-Game Tutorial.




#4 PYEwacket 2014-08-19 14:10
Enjoyable game, however I am unable to complete the quest on stage 12...it seems impossible to do it before the AI gets there first. Even with all generals and fully maxed skills on units, this can't be done, unless I'm missing something still.
+1 #3 fergusferret 2013-10-29 11:35
english is a direct translation with no knowledge of its grammar or how to phrase things so they scan better. forget the english and you have a nice little storyline quest type game a strong strategy thrown into it and the tiniest of rpg if you can call moving your armise in the levels rpg, I do not. The fact the game is on a rail as usual just makes all but the strategic placements and moves almost immaterial

+2 #2 earth 2013-04-06 20:51
decent strategy game, gameplay is usual: build units as much as can afford and send those to conquer cities which occasionally offer resistance and then sometimes recruit more units from those cities and then capture enemy's home city, normal medieval units which can be upgraded (takes time), resources are earned every turn based cities owned (some give some resources more than others), matches take time since maps aren't small and due battles take time even if player's army is stronger, nice graphics etc.

overall decent game but can get boring quickly due slow pacing.
#1 Jairone 2013-04-06 02:40
Very bad English, decent game.
The game is a strategy game. There is no or minimal RPG here.
Recruiting is best done in batches all at once (less time with the recruiting icon flashing at end of turn.) Movement and attacking works well, and so far no bugs.
3/5 for a solid strategy game (even if lacking in much beyond troop gathering, moving, and a minimal amount of tactics.)
If you are proficient in English you will gag on the story and the errors... but the gameplay is fine.

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