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Rating: 3.22/5 - 9886 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Simulation

New York City, 1929: welcome to the height of the American Prohibition. The Five Families have cornered the illegal liquor distribution in all five boroughs of the city. Your father, the Don of the Leonesi Family Mafia, is assassinated on the street: inheriting the crown, it is now up to you - as boss - to restore the supremacy of your Family and take back the streets that you used to own. Capo di tutti capi.



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#5 Figsak 2013-03-22 22:39
Serious balance issues here. Enemy families LITERALLY have endless manpower.

This game needs work.

3/5 stars
#4 Eleonora2 2013-02-20 19:40
Just a few pointers. (i played the guy with lots of mobsters)
- bribe all city (for beter income, growth of number of mobsters and no interference)
- buy alcohol in large shipments (no matter shipment size 20 mobster guard seems to be enough) and rotate the area's
- buy the first few area's, switch to violence when they do (50 mobsters seems to guarantee victory in war)
+3 #3 earth 2013-02-16 21:08
very nice economy strategy game, rarely used idea (at least on webgames), play area is 1 city (luckily since operating in more districts would be impossible since operating even on 2 territories is difficult), each area has few harbors and clubs and each area are separate so player needs to provide alcohol to all districts not just 1 (not easiest task due limited mobsters), clubs can be upgraded upto casinos, other mafisios districts can be bought (costs from few m bucks to big fortune) or conquered (difficult due mobsters are needed on other tasks too), better weapons can be bought (no idea if it matters much), apparently player can't hire more mobsters so when is controlling most of areas only few mobsters protect each place and since mobsters are needed in protecting alcohol deliveries there might be only 1 or 2 mobster defending, every1 can be bribed and if bribes city officials etc enough they don't care what you do and no need to pay taxes in harbors, other bosses can be bribed too (is it useful or not I have no idea and when there are 2 left (player and last ai mafioso) then bribing isn't even possible), better acohols can be bought too (useful due more money which is key to win the game), not much else to do buy alcohol and hit next day and when has money then upgrade guns/alcohol/clubs (or build more clubs) or buy/conquer other mafisoses districts, nice graphics and some crappy italian music, somewhat easy to play although controlling multiple areas isn't easy.

overall very nice game with original idea but lack of things to do and no chance to buy more mobsters drops rating, no info where other mafiosos will strike isn't good either since lack of mobsters spreads forces to very wide area. maybe sequel improves game, now its just game with nice idea.
#2 Lackadaisical 2013-02-16 16:10
Alright strategy/economy game. Found it nearly impossible to hold my territory in the late game, even when I had all my Mobsters on defense(though this might just be the result of the capo type I chose). Animosity from the mobs seemed to make no difference to their attacking me. Maybe make a mechanic for buying some muscle, instead of having to save up 600 million dollars and buying what was left of NY. Still, I found the game engaging, as I do most economic management games.

-2 #1 The Ram 2013-02-16 12:24
nice mouse only game music is nice old romance

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