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Rating: 2.53/5 - 8997 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD

Use mouse to play.Click on your own territory, and then hold down the left mouse button and drag to the enemy or neutral territory to send troops.



Mouse to play.




#4 fergusferret 2015-04-07 17:17
rush all bases is my only change to figsak's comments. other to that I agree with the rest

#3 archsacct 2013-02-11 18:31
Pretty good, but basic send-out-numbers game. Better than most, but has a few challenges that are both pro and con at the same time. Overall, glad it is short, makes it worth playing. 3/5
+1 #2 earth 2013-02-07 21:06
nice capture enemy's/enemies bases game but quite boring (most games in this genre are boring), no upgrades, few times player's main base is in bad place so troops need to be moved thru captured base, enemy seems to have bit higher growth rate than player, maps against multiple enemies are crap (especially if 1 base needs to fill 2 bases pop), nice graphics and okish sounds, easish to play (sadly no selecting multiple bases and then launch attack).

overall basic capture base game, there are worse and there are better games in genre, fun game to play a while (if likes genre).
+2 #1 Figsak 2013-02-07 01:05
A VERY basic control point game. I found it fun enough to finish, and only had MINOR trouble with 1 or 2 stages.

The basic rule is just usually to rush the enemy bases, ignoring all neutral bases if at all possible.

3/5 stars

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