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Rating: 2.92/5 - 6182 Plays
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Genre: Strategy

In this addictive Strategy game, the clouds are at war. Clouds have different power, based on their weather conditions. Your goal is to insurrect the other clouds and claim control of the skies!



Click or drag to select one or more clouds. Click another cloud to send half your warriors for attack. Hold CTRL to send all warriors from the selected cloud(s). Press SPACE to select all clouds.




#6 earth 2012-10-25 21:45
simple drag enuf units to enemy's base to conquer it, doesn't bring much/anything new to genre, nice graphics, sounds and music, idea has been overused, easy controls.

overall nice game but made for kids and genre is heavily used by just different units but basics are same.

p.s. this definetely belongs to games shouldn'tbe in AoG.
#5 harrier0 2012-10-25 19:09
Much the same as many others of its type, only this time with clouds. Its ok without being inspiring and after a few levels you will probably want to play something else.2/5
#4 milokakajap 2012-10-25 14:08
zašto u ovoj vukojebini sam ja odrasto ja nerazuijem to
#3 DMs choice 2012-10-25 13:40
It's a game in the like of "Phage Wars". Drag a part of your strength towards a neutral or enemy base to conquer it.
I don't like this kind of game much, and I don't see anything about this game, that makes it special.
2/5 stars for working alright.
#2 fergusferret 2012-10-25 11:25
15 levels of mediocrity. a game for the younger gamer. some original stuff in the way the game progresses in that there are clouds that grow quicker than others and they also send their attacking pieces faster than others but all in all it is the same old same old in the genre.

If you are older than about 8 you will find this a bore after a few levels.
#1 wolfbeast 2012-10-25 01:11
an alright strategy game. not at all original, except the cloud part. very easy, and can finish the game very quickly. graphics are good, game play is good, seems a pretty good game to me...

3.5/ for not being that original, and for being way to easy.

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