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Rating: 4.13/5 - 26604 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD, Rpg Elements

The power of the Heartstone has mysteriously faded and the land of Tempor lies broken from years of civil war. Can you defend your nation against an invading force and unite the seven factions once again?







#18 schastslifchik 2014-10-30 16:53
why talent "assembly line" don't work? upgrade, but cost of build & upgrade off all phoenix & structures don't reduces! bug! (((
-2 #17 fancykm 2012-06-23 06:45
#16 fancykm 2012-06-23 06:45
not beautyfull
but nice game
-1 #15 Ragnar 2012-05-08 18:52
it was ok a bit tedious to complete 3/5
-1 #14 earth 2012-04-22 20:27
hand of wars rpgs are good but hands of war td isn't, small units, and crappy towers and definetely not giving enuf money.
-1 #13 MrDude 2012-03-21 23:56
I think i must agree with Figsak here, this game is realy ugly! it's not that i can't live with it, but it is annoying watching those hideous little pixels moving around...
I m not saying that the game is bad, but for a 4.41 stars ( :-* ) , you can find way, way, way ,way but WAY better...
-2 #12 DMs choice 2012-02-12 11:25
Has anyone got a clue what the Shock Tower subclass exactly does?
#11 Figsak 2012-02-03 02:32

#1. It has occasional graphics seizures that will cause you to have to refresh the page.

#2. The game is long, BUT... The game can make you WISH it was over after a few hours of looking at the same bland looking levels with the same bland bad guys. It took me about 4hrs to play through the game, and after hour 2, I wanted it to be over. I wasn't finding any new things to amuse me.

#3. This game caters more to those who care about badges and achievements, than those who just want to beat the fucking game. By this, I mean that you can't utilize many of the games towers and talents properly unless you're playing levels over and over with extra level features ticked.

#4. Many of the upgrades and special towers seem to be improperly price balanced. Levels just don't last long enough to make them cost effective much of the time.

#5. Shitty graphics. Plain and simple, this game is ugly.

#6. The storyline is utterly forgettable. It's meaningless to the game-play, and after the storyline popped up on me enough times after a battle, I found myself just angrily closing it so I could get back to my upgrade screen.

Despite all these flaws, it's still a TD that DOESN'T suck
, which in a world of garbage TD's, means this is easily one of the top 10 best TD's ever made.

It's just basically a Honda. Not gonna get you a BJ, but it'll get you where you're going, reliably.

3/5 stars
-1 #10 Figsak 2012-02-02 22:16
Just so I don't forget...

On level 1 of this TD.

So far, I see the graphics are terrible, the music is SUPER annoying (though, you can toggle it off, THANK GOD!), and the story is senseless to those of us who aren't HoW fanboys.

Not seeing how this game is scored so highly, thus far. It isn't bad, but It's certainly not AMAZING. More later...
#9 DMs choice 2012-01-30 18:42
Definitely one of the best TD games in existence. Interesting mix of towers and guardian defenders, lots of (reasonable) upgrades, challenging, but fair. I like the variety of "special places" to set towers and troops upon. Unfortunately, some blend so much into the landscape that I easily overlook them.
Also great: Various parameters to change the challenge rating of a level however you like. Greatly increases replay value.
Very good 4... no, make that 5/5 stars.

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