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Rating: 2.92/5 - 14564 Plays
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Genre: Strategy,TD

War begins. Help humans to defend own lands against hordes of orcs, goblins and undead. Survival is a matter of your strategy.







+1 #11 fancykm 2012-06-23 13:16
no speed up button:/
but overall not bad 3.5/5
#10 Ragnar 2012-05-18 13:34
Poor very poor effort 2/5
+1 #9 Figsak 2012-04-29 21:00
Posted RIGHT after Kingdom Rush. Ha! What a terrible time for a bad TD to be posted.
+1 #8 BDJ 2012-01-03 21:59
Played this game for about 30 minutes. I had to hack the money to balance things out a-bit. The game does play well, but there's not much original here. Not my cup o' tea.

+1 #7 fergusferret 2012-01-03 20:29
all been said already.., including the save option

saved me a lot of writing here :-)

#6 DarkStar 2012-01-02 01:48
Thank goodness for comments. I almost wasted 5 minutes of my life there
+2 #5 wolfbeast 2012-01-02 00:49
an alright game, good time waster but thats really all its good for. the others have said the rest. not the worst game, but not the best....

3/5 cuz i'm generous =)
+3 #4 earth 2012-01-01 22:23
quite ok td, nothing big is wrong ezcept that usual lack of money to buy upgrades and more towers.
+3 #3 Jairone 2012-01-01 20:53
To top off the other comments, the game is buggy. The last wave of the 5th level (where you get fire towers) bugged out and the towers were unable to attack. (I'm guessing bug, although it could be 'story'... but rather lame story if so.)
The game lacks balance as well. Your basic towers and frost towers are the best options until fire towers are available (and still provide a good base for until you can build them). Cannon towers are mostly worthless based on fire rate vs. damage. The 'splash' just isn't strong enough for them to be effective in later levels.
No info anywhere (as mentioned), and no story (outside of the possibility of an impossible level if 5 is meant to be undefeatable) makes for a sad TD game. Comparing this to Gemcraft or Kingdom Rush (aside from just crushing this game) leads to the conclusion that this could use a major overhaul with more options, levels, and some storyline. Then it might be a worthy TD game... maybe.
+4 #2 harrier0 2012-01-01 15:44
Good graphics but spoilt by unsophisticated gameplay. There is no indication of how powerful towers are or what increase in power an upgrade buys you. No save ability? Little replayability. 2/5

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