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Rating: 2.55/5 - 11952 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Turn Based

Pilot your starship through dogfights, escort missions, base raids, and chase pursuits.




Use arrows or WASD for move.



#7 harrier0 2012-06-06 23:38
A clone as has been mentioned below, please can we have some original ideas?1/5
#6 Ragnar 2012-05-05 12:34
yep Steambirds
#5 fergusferret 2012-04-05 17:15
level 5 has a strange setup

a ship with only rockets and no other weapon. it gets left alone even as it flies into the way of an enemy ship.

the mine layer gets attacked exclusively so needs to lay mines and use the shields as well as staying as far away from the enemy as possible. the rockets are crap and the mines could be better as well.

not the best of it's type and has a lot of steam birds stuff within it but there are differences, apart from the skin.

#4 corac 2011-03-08 15:31
Figsak,you are right.The creator of this games just copied Steam Birds but it is not that good.Andy Moore is definatly better.
This game sux
+2 #3 Figsak 2011-03-05 19:46
This game is a blatant clone of the game Steam Birds by Andy Moore. This game creator just changed the skins, wrote a new script, and slapped his name on it.

1/5 stars for unoriginality.
#2 whitemanPT 2011-03-05 18:54
A bit to slow for my tastes
#1 TheZman 2011-03-05 15:31
Cool, but not that exciting.

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