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Rating: 2.40/5 - 13826 Plays
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Genre:Rpg Turn Based Battles

Setup what moves you are to perform during your turn. Try to block and attack at the right times.



In-Game Tutorial.

By now you know what it's like to be a Zombie...



#5 fergusferret 2015-07-07 00:02
no story line. no rpg element that I can find. all this is is a fight sequence of 3 moves a round to attack or defend and they are not even that good. basic 1 round game and that is it in a nut shell.

-1 #4 endless12 2012-05-18 05:22
engot ba kau tanga di nyo alam ibigsabihin borinborin ka pang nalalaman :zzz
-1 #3 Ragnar 2012-03-27 00:54
-2 #2 Username666 2011-08-24 22:28
:zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz
#1 darklordcid 2011-03-10 20:08
kinda boring you only get to play as 2 people and there not even any story line :zzz

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