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Rating: 3.02/5 - 30984 Plays
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A fun and elaborate RPG.



In-Game Tutorial.

By now you know what it's like to be a Zombie...



#5 fergusferret 2015-07-14 21:52
this is way too slow and convoluted for a game in flash. would probably be better off in another medium. not bad a game really just loses a lot with speed.

#4 Ragnar 2012-05-20 13:50
3/5 but not for me
#3 harrier0 2011-08-10 21:11
Could be a good game but Its all a bit slow and would benefit from movement using arrow keys rather than mouse. 2/5
#2 Octavian 2011-04-26 11:16
to open the door with the dead guard, take a scroll where is nothing written on and the knive. first use the blank scroll and then the knive on the door.
#1 triforcenerd 2011-03-05 00:29
how do you find the secret entrance, I think it might in thew room where the man is on the floor but I cant get the door open to check on him.

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