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Rating: 3.81/5 - 55732 Plays
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Genre: Rpg, Action, Strategy, Defense

Your goal in this great game is to take a role of a brave Knight and repel 50 waves of orcs, ogres and other terrors from the fort. Hold them off at the barricades, or fight them toe to toe inside the castle. Build buildings to fortify your position, unlock new equipment, or create friendly soldier training options. Equip yourself with awesome weapons, thick armor and sturdy shields. Train friendly soldiers to stand by your side as you defend the fort.



Use WASD KEYS to walk. Press "Q" or "E" KEY to switch weapons, use "F" KEY to repair barricades, and "G" KEY to regroup forces. Good luck!

By now you know what it's like to be a Zombie...



#9 fergusferret 2015-10-06 03:36
not really my type of game and it doesn't play well on a laptop or have adaptive key choices. yes it uses arrows but the differing keyboard types are not catered for.

#8 Ragnar 2012-05-18 01:44
3/5 fun enough till you get overwhelmed
#7 harrier0 2012-04-20 14:49
Don't think that I would want to try and play through to a finish as I am sure that by then I would be very bored/frustrated, but for up to an hour this is a good game although not something I would return to. 3/5
-1 #6 Junno 2011-10-03 14:46
game này cũng bt dễ mấy mà :D
+1 #5 the wqlf 2011-04-10 15:13
if ur gonna buy units get the level upgrades for them. im past level 40 and i still have over 20 footmen. i barely even have to attack i just run around repairing the barricades and my units rape everything
#4 Figsak 2011-03-09 01:17
It's awesome at first, but you'll find that it will get super spammy and laggy around wave 40. After that it's just a tedious slosh to the finish line as you pray your video card doesn't go into nuclear meltdown.

Units are a huge waste of money. No reason for them to even be in the game except for the game author to get a kick out of watching you spend all your cash on things that will get walked through after wave 35. Once you commit to buying a few, and a few more, you can kiss the high end weapons and armor goodbye, because the game will be over before you can afford any of it thanks to the walking turds you invested in.

Besides this... It IS a very fun time killer and I enjoyed myself.

3/5 stars
#3 Jaded 2011-02-19 23:04
it was pretty fun. yea it does suck saving up money but i got orcbane it wasnt too hard. i got the gold mine first so it doubles your gold after each round then long sword and a shield and just saved up from there. elite mode should at least give you double gold or something since you die in pretty much two or three hits
#2 bushwhacker2k 2011-01-30 22:45
Wow, this is pretty unbalanced now that I play through. I really liked it at first, but in the end there wasn't really any purpose to the high end gear, since if try to save up for it, you die.

Elite mode is also stupid, getting overwhelmed by the dual-axe guys means there's not really any way to win it without dying 50 times.
#1 bushwhacker2k 2011-01-29 23:30
This is a lot of fun! How can this not have tons of comments?

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