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Rating: 3.53/5 - 12124 Plays
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Genre: Rpg, Turn Based

This is the expansion to LRU 2: Domination. It bridges Lethals story between LRU 2 and LRU 3.



Use the WASD keys to move around and the mouse to open chests and battle.

By now you know what it's like to be a Zombie...



#3 fergusferret 2015-12-15 16:41
basic controls not adaptable so when wasd came up as the way to move I decided to quite there. low score for the wasd crap

#2 Ragnar 2012-05-23 02:08
2/5 basic very basic
#1 harrier0 2012-04-13 18:24
Same as others in the series so didn't play that far into the game. Basic & retro 3/5

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