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Rating: 4.06/5 - 9798 Plays
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Genre: Rpg - Adventure

Your journey to the mysterious lands of Meadowshire begins! The evil is spreading on the continent, the towns and villages fall one by one. Dorgoil is a fortified town that is holding out and you came here to test your strength and luck and to find some loot of course. You will join a guild of adventurers and travel through the lands full of orcs, undead and trolls. Loot monsters, improve your skills, upgrade your gear – the adventure has begun!



Mouse: move, action. 1-2-3-4: activate skills. Arrow Keys: look around.




#5 fergusferret 2016-10-25 01:07
it appears we have the same bugged version that everywhere else seems to have and there is no act 3 as of yet, nor any levels past 20. i have played the game on the armor games site and they are complaining that it is bugged and that the valkyre is crap compared to the other 2 characters.

it appears this game has been out a year and no bug fixes have been made and no idea if there will be another version out at any time in the future.

do not expect news on the future of this game any time soon.
#4 DMs choice 2016-10-21 16:19
Do I see that correctly, that the game caps at level 20 and ends with the second chapter although it seems that there is room for at least two further chapters on the map? Is it only half-done, or a demo, or what?
#3 earth 2016-10-06 20:26
nice hack and slash adventure rpg but clearly game is meant to be played as melee attacker not caster since mana regen is mildly said bad and what money player gets goes mostly to health potions, new gear is mostly gotten from lvls and mostly its main money source, enemies vary from easy kills to tougher and to bosses, nice graphics and rest.

overall nice game but grindy and lack of money means that player's gear is crappy quite a long time.
#2 fergusferret 2016-10-06 17:49
looks like it should be an rpg but this is a rail quest where you play the levels required for the story line and have the ability to go back and try harder enemies in old levels to gain better gear availability. in effect it is what gets called adventure style gaming but as for rpg I have to disagree.

plays well and there is the grind to gain player levels for beating harder enemies in later levels. there is nothing extraordinary about this game. just a solid level based adventure game.

#1 Jairone 2016-10-06 03:47
Grindy, but otherwise solid little pick your next spot on the battlemap style rpg.

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