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Rating: 2.73/5 - 6320 Plays
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Genre: Action-Adventure-Rpg

The Kingdom of Oukoku is threatened by the spicy influence of General Tso. Citizens have placed their hope in a small knight who fits the requirements of ancient legends. Which path will the Chibi Knight choose... the path to the mysterious Island of Mahou to learn spells from its sorcerers or the path to the Beastmaster mountains to summon and ride an array of ferocious animals? Your choice will determine Oukoku's fate!



Keyboard. In-game tutorial.




-1 #4 jpankako 2016-01-23 09:12
Managed to get through, clear all the (clearable) quests, start the boat journey & falcon ride to the next chapter - just to find out that this was in deed a demo of the full version. That's OK - there's still enough content to keep you entertained and get good understanding of the mechanics, but what then pissed me off was to notice that even though the skills in this version are capped at level 5, that is not the case in the full version.

So besides playing a demo, I was forced to grind through endlessly due to unnecessary watering of skills. For that and that alone, I'll drop my grading to 1/5.
-1 #3 jpankako 2016-01-22 23:48
Got stuck at the Red Guardian - all skills maxed out, but not just having nimble enough fingers to make it past this stage. Pity. Well made game, requires quite a bit of grinding early on to reach necessary levels for armor & weaponry. Controls are a bit akward, but can be modified. Seems to be offering several quests and alternative ways to travel through the quest, but ultimately still requires all quests to be completed prior to making way forward. So, no way to travel forward - stuck here and thus leaving the game. Fun time waster but in case you pass this one, you won't miss much.
+1 #2 fergusferret 2016-01-22 22:07
this game has a huge memory leak that gets bad when fighting monsters, apart from the fact it is slow and awkward to play, it really could do with a better control system. low score because of the memory leak

-1 #1 earth 2016-01-21 22:28
nice semi-rpg otherwise but default controls leave alot to be desired (can be changed) and difficulty is set high (unless wants to grind, grind and alot more grind), alot quests to do and those are best done 1 by 1 since only latest quest's location(s) is(are) shown on map, alot monsters to be and needed to kill, nice graphics and rest.

overall nice game but requires alot grinding to level up stats (only 3) and to be able to finish quests.

also I think this was in AOG already.

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