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Rating: 2.36/5 - 5429 Plays
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Genre: RPG, Adventure

Fight monsters, complete quests and rescue kittens in this exciting RPG Runner!



Mouse controlled. Click on merchants to buy items, healing pools to heal and on skills and potions to activate them.




#4 EatMyChili 2015-09-15 18:02
If I don't need to do anything to play a game, am I still playing a game?
#3 MisterD 2015-09-10 22:23
Any game which requires no thought process at all in order for it to play itself is poor in my opinion. This is exactly one of those games.

The only good thing I can say about it is that it does work and the graphics are not too bad. The rest is just rubbish.


#2 earth 2015-09-09 19:34
idle grinder game with some rpg elements, player doesn't need to do much except click when char sees shop (either attack, armor or luck can be upgraded) but sadly char doesn't stop on shop so player needs good reflexes and player can also use potions (health, mana or anti-poison) on char when needed, tutorial has some secret "quest" object which can be found by clicking background while char moves, as usual there's boss in the end of level, nice graphs etc.

overall decent game but its very grindy and good reflexes needed to get skill upgrades and healing (both consume mana) from healing fountains.
#1 fergusferret 2015-09-09 14:43
this is an idle game not an rpg. could also be considered adventure if you like going through the same battle scenario with different backgrounds and randomised enemy and shop appearances.

in a way it is a bit better than the usual idle games but still crap for all that.


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