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Rating: 2.90/5 - 4922 Plays
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Genre: RPG, Action

Become the mighty intergalactic monster trainer of Tyrex, a mighty and wild space creature. Train your monster, upgrade his equipment and take him to the arena to battle other trainers and their monsters. Monster Frontier is a free-to-play RPG game mixed with strategy; developed by the creators of Monster Arena.



Navigate from your camp to the various places by clicking on them.




#3 MisterD 2015-08-15 22:45
I'm no big fan of RPG games, but this one seems well done with plenty of structure and room for improvement and upgrades.

Yes, it's a bit grindy, so that counts against it. However, on the whole this is not bad.

Worth a look, especially if you're a fan of this genre.

#2 fergusferret 2015-08-12 19:39
as earth says this is another grind fest of a game. at least it is not just a full on battle arena game, that kind of gives it a bit more of a good feel to it for me but not enough to make it stand out from the dross of this type of game.

where I differ in my remarks is the need for time to upgrade and advance ... I like time taken to do things. it makes it more of a challenge.

#1 earth 2015-08-11 19:54
another grind grind and grind more battle game, as usual player grinds by battling in arena or wandering in desert and then trains main char (slowly) and upgrades equipments when has enuf money and ingredients (both gotten from battles but as usual getting those requires alot grinding), all chars can't attack at the same time which is dumb since opponents have attacks which can do damage to all chars (player's chars might get those too but that's in distant future), as usual player waits bar to fill before can do attack, nice graphs etc.

overall same old battle game where it requires alot time to advance.

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