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Rating: 3.35/5 - 14210 Plays
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Genre: Rpg, Adventure

This game is a fusion between an RPG with turn based battles and an economics simulator. You find yourself in a post-apocalyptic desert. Your goal is to survive and to try and gain enough power to complete your mission. There are different ways to achieve this, but the most straightforward one consists in transporting goods between settlements. Buy stuff where it's cheap and sell it where it's expensive. Then you can spend the money you earn on purchasing transport, hiring people or improving your battle gear.



In-game Tutorial.




+2 #1 earth 2014-12-30 20:59
pretty much same as 1st game aka bit pointless and getting things to done take time and money is scarce, basically player wanders around and hopes to find rovers to kill to get money to buy things and then go to town/whatever to buy those and then goto other place to sell/give those, decent graphics (they do their job good enuf) etc.

overall ok game but gets bit tedious since it takes quite a while to get quest items and money.

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