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Rating: 4.15/5 - 16280 Plays
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Genre: Action-Rpg

A well done fantasy Action-RPG with simple and reasonable controls.



Mouse, point&click.




+1 #6 DMC 2015-08-09 01:02
I like these types of games where you need to explore various sections of the map to complete different quests.

The control aspect of the character while fighting is a bit clunky, could be better but all in all this is a good game. I give it a solid 4/5
#5 roze1 2014-11-26 20:09
I really like the game and some of its concepts. But i wish it was on full screen and had stroll in and a little more Graphics.
#4 DMs choice 2014-10-01 08:20
I finally played through all the game and I found it generally to my liking although the end is somewhat anticlimactic. I think it is a well-made old-school diablo-style action rpg, which doesn't need to hide itself from other high-quality examples of its genre, like, let's say, Eukarion Tales :D

With many of the issues some of my fore-commenters had I rather disagree.
I find the controls reasonable and easy, reminding me of Decision, and I'm totally OK with automatic stat increase in this case, because the stats increased are those I would increase anyways. Comparable to Dungeon Siege, I'd say.

A problem I had with my Seer is that targeting doesn't seem to work properly when standing still. I had the impression that I hit better when not holding SHIFT. Still, targeting issues with ranged weapons might be connected to the Accuracy stat. That one possibly includes a miss chance.

But overall definitely one of the good games around.
4/5 stars from me!
#3 earth 2014-09-19 20:58
nice rpg if this had been relesed ~10 years ago (like similar rpg was), battling and moving happens via mouse and that causes sometimes char running on some direction rather than attacking, difficulty is low and starting weap is good enuf for a long time (not that player finds better since items in chests are somewhat random), enemies give gold and potions, player can't much take part to char's stats etc, nicish graphics although dark and text ain't easiest to read, decent sounds and nice music.

overall nice game but bad controlling and not much rpging drop my points.
#2 Jairone 2014-09-19 19:46
Well, the good is that the game does have a simple interface, with good hotkeys and a decent amount of information. It plays like most other action rpgs, and is about as rpg as them.

The bad:
1. Attack clickfest or constant mouse button. You either click every attack, or spend half the day holding the mouse button down. A simple modification to keep attacking the last target would do wonders here.
2. Poor pathing. The game moves in the direction of where you click, nothing more.
3. Poor minion control, with no ability to release your magic when playing a dark mage.
4. Ranged combat targeting is difficult, and sometimes you must aim slightly away from a target to attack that direction. Clicking a target does not always aim at that spot. Not automatically adjusting trajectory mid-flight is cool with me, but not aiming worth a darn is not.
5. Melee combat is hard to control, and you almost have to let melee enemies walk up to you before you attack to keep from moving, or stand still and swing at them and constantly alternate shift button and not.
6. Too easy. The game up to reaching level 10 was such a cakewalk with both ranged and melee styles that I felt like I was in god mode. I never needed a potion or healing spell. Even when I ran around and pulled over 20 enemies to me at once.
7. The information on how your stats affect you is okay, but giving numbers to how much more you get from having that much of the stat in many cases (like attack and magic, where only the text of what it does exists) would be better.

Overall it is not terrible, but certainly not very good. I'd call it average, if a little too easy. 3/5, with a slight minus for the difficulty being too low.
#1 fergusferret 2014-09-19 12:31
nice game but badly set up. skills are upgraded with time and hits. as is magic and your stats.

bad bit really is explanation of how to use skills. if you look in the hot keys section it shows that using upper case key (not caps lock) allows you to fire arrows and not move but this is not placed in front of you until you have gone through the first section and quite possibly died there.

big hint here is to pick up a healing skill at the character setup section before starting. makes for a much easier ride all round. I also suggest you save at almost every opportunity after a battle and travelling. unlimited saves available.

not the worst I have tried to play but not too sure it could be called an rpg as no real freedom to move about and, the worst bit is using move and attack in the same button (in this case the mouse). lots to improve on I think and separate move and attack would be better.


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