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Rating: 2.74/5 - 10930 Plays
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Genre: Rpg

Climb to the top of The Tower to find the answers to all your questions! This is a survival battle rpg thing.



Mouse.In-Game Instructions.




+1 #4 MetzgerMeiser83 2013-08-23 01:19
I finished the game using the Paladin. It's okay, gets tedious after awhile.
+1 #3 earth 2013-08-18 21:06
far from rpg and very stupid and very boring game, player just hits slash and kills monsters and if dies then respawn costs only bit gold and then can start ascending from where left, enemies hitrate is unbelievable bad since I fought many battles with low health (10 and under) until finally char got killed, potions can be bought (waste of money due too easy game) and equipment can be found while ascending, ok graphics with crap sounds and decent music.

overall overeasy and dumb game and can be played thru quickly if bothers (5 mins playing and I was on floor 120). only thing missing is save option if wants to finish game but gets bored and wants to continue playing later.
+1 #2 fergusferret 2013-08-18 17:16
nothing more to say other than to agree with jairone on this game

+1 #1 Jairone 2013-08-18 12:09
A game largely based on luck, with very low death penalties, that is far too easy. Some of the attacks do not make sense, such as a strength based fighter doing more damage on most attacks from dex (see knight and maybe others.)
Dex seems op for fighting types (hit chance, plus dodge, and damage for most!)
2/5. Nothing new here, really.

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