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Rating: 1.84/5 - 30412 Plays
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Genre: Action, Rpg

Build your reputation as a gangster by doing jobs for the various criminal gangs in the city, hijack a car, demolish the building, attack the office, and many more.



In-Game Tutorial.




#5 Rainy Maker 2015-12-28 16:45
Best game EVER!!!!!! When my cousin showed me this game I fell in love. Although the cops are a bit tricky to escape from, this game is a blast. I found an easier way to save, too, that's free nd no hacks. I recommend it!!!! Best ever!!! I love cars!! Wish the motercycle was faster though. Keep it up!!! :D :lol: Quote:
+1 #4 earth 2013-03-21 21:26
another piece of crap, apparently there's no way to get rid off cops and that way being able to contact target, walking and driving (both motorcycle and car) are badly made (walking is like drunk walking and driving is even worse), old graphics with crap sounds and some gangsta music in beginning.

overall bad game and badly coded too since flash player crashed when got stuck in cops shooting (and car withstood it all), only good thing in game is that it revels its true nature quickly.
+1 #3 fergusferret 2013-03-21 19:30
bored with the game and very frustrated that the lock picking is about as easy as knitting fog.

+1 #2 Jairone 2013-03-21 15:14
Wow fail...
It's kinda like a GTA clone (not my type of game, but I gave it a shot.) The other cars run over people in crosswalks. The other cars drive like morons, and cause an accident about every 30 seconds. The other cars will ram you, and then keep trying to go forward through you. There is no reverse in the AI for the other cars, it seems. This results in minor accidents turning into a major problem that destroys your car fairly easily.
At least the game should handle a major function (cars) decently.
2/5... it works, but what a painfully unfun game... even if I was a fan of the genre.
+1 #1 Ragnar 2013-03-21 13:22
Yo Bro got bored with this game quick 1/5

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