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Rating: 3.80/5 - 14559 Plays
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Genre: RPG, Action

Slay monsters, discover new items, and level up as you crawl through a dark dungeon in search of glory and triumph!



Mouse (In-Game Tutorial).




#4 fergusferret 2013-03-08 18:48
not sure I can comment further after jairone's accurate appraisal. only thing to add here is that there appears to be no end to this game.., you just keep going into ever higher levels and a single burst of lightning will more than take out most of the monsters, including some of the bosses when you get to level 24 lightning strike.

I picked up a (+3 to hp and +3 to mp per hit) amulet so was able to just walk through the levels from 17 onwards. hardly worth using the potions at all then. no need to pick up anything in potions when you have 19 in your inventory as that is the cap. once you get energy regeneration items it is just a case of beat the crap out of the enemy and forget the spells.

or you just use spells and forget the attacks. walk into the middle of the monsters and just use lightning a few times. simple and boring after a while.

+4 #3 Jairone 2013-03-08 08:02
Wow, holy munchkin mode.
I got to 115% dodge within 22 levels. That's right, I was more than un-hit-able. I just stood in a boss room and left to get a drink. Balance issues? No way!
Outside of that, the game is a pretty basic Diabloesque style dungeon crawler with pretty few features.
To really munchkin: First spell point is lightning, second is heal, all others in lightning. Stack dex. Item priority: 1 item with drain MP. All others are Dodge>Dex>Int. You will be in munchkin god mode within a few levels, as each character level is ~ 4% dodge baseline when stacking dex.
Once you have decent items, only yellow color items should be picked up. Once you have 100% dodge you can ignore items completely. Nothing can hurt you. You win. You just have to beat it into the skulls of the silly monsters.
2/5. It works, but it's very unbalanced, super easy, and rather simplistic.
+4 #2 earth 2013-03-07 22:39
quite nice rpg except it gets boring due all enemies are basically same and character can't switch from dead target to living automatically so monsters get "few" free hits unless player keeps focus on battle, plenty to kill and fights against multiple monsters are pia as melee since monsters deal more damage than player gets from them, few bosses and each is nasty due they deal alot damage and usually have minions hitting char and 1 flies so it can't be hit with melee, once char is equipped with good stuff (not that easy to decide which is better due dark blue on black is teh sux especially with small font) and is lvl10 then game gets easy (especially if player has heal lvl 2) since single battles are over quickly and multibattles are nuisance, alot items and bottles given (health and mana are useless since heal spell is better and once mana is 50+ its unlimited unless is heavy caster) but most items are just junk, quite nice graphics (except bit small) and niceish sounds and nice starting music.

overall quite nice game with option to be caster or melee-caster (archer is option too but bows are crappy) but its bit boring and story is crappy (very basic rpg-story) and gameplay is bit awkward.
+4 #1 anabesi 2013-03-07 22:08
Good game but unbalanced. Put all your points into lightning and mp. Spam the lighting spell. Gets boring quick

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