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Rating: 1.88/5 - 5423 Plays
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Genre: RPG, action

The Captain voyages to an alien swamp in search of another of Laserbeard's treasures. The treasure is hidden in the dungeon of an ancient castle. The castle once belonged to the The Insect King, a fearsome conqueror from ancient times. You must delve into the history of the castle and battle the insectoid population of the planet in order to recover the treasure.



Mouse (In-Game Tutorial).




#3 DMs choice 2013-02-05 10:14
Controls are awkward, though I can make it work. Still, movement is very ...clunky and it drags awfully, which totally squeezes out the fun.
Added, that the sound is terribly annoying and I end up with 2/5 as well.
Could have been a solid game otherwise, maybe.
+2 #2 earth 2013-02-04 21:37
weird adventure game, no info what do do (except find some1) nor where to go, old graphics and music isn't any better (and its annoying), no rpg-elements as far as I noticed, limited ammos are always bad especially when wanders around hostile enviroment but ammo packs are given nicely and for some reason fist does more damage than gun (rock is close to gun), crappy controls and all controls are packed on 1 side of keyboard, hard to say about difficulty since those monsters encountered on 1st few maps die easily (2 shots or 1 punch).

overall weird adventure game w/o much info on anything.
#1 fergusferret 2013-02-04 11:34
wasd only controls are a bad thing and as usual marks down because of that.

all your controls are keyboard if you want a difficult play, or you can use the mouse to fire your guns and throw rocks.

main key usages are qweasd q changes the weapon and e interacts. I lasted all of 5 minutes before I had no chance of playing on.


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