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Rating: 4.34/5 - 17936 Plays
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Genre: RPG, Strategy

Fall into the land of Arkandia! Unveil its mysteries and harness powerful weapons, items, magic and attributes! Create your character varying from 10 different races, and custom their appearance whither it being their facial hair, beard, hair color, name, skin tone, or giving him or her a name. Increase your skills from combat to personal, both having 11 different attributes to level up. Update your stats and reputations varying from aggression to crafting. Equip your hero with tools, armor, buffs, and weaponry! Hire a squad and head out on team fights, shop for many things, craft and build your own house!



Mouse (In-Game Tutorial).




-1 #6 fergusferret 2015-05-03 11:13
explanation of the damage rules for dice type games.

if your weapon says it has a 2D6 damage range it will have a minimum damage of 2... if it is a 2D4 ... minimum is the same amount of 2. the higher damage is not the same of course as 2D6 is a top damage of 12 and 2D4 is a top damage of 8. Some of the damage comes in D10 format and as such can actually be worse than the 2D6 damage but better than the 2D4 damage, unless the stats say 2D10 and then that is better than both other dice stated here.

hope that helps to clarify

ok down to the review ....

played this elsewhere and it is a long and hard road to travel down to win this game. pick a style of battle and stay with it is my advice, or you could be in this game for a long long time and get damaged a lot as you miss for longer. the idea is for you to take a character through the game and get better as you go, collecting lots of new stuff that you will most likely never use in later levels and thus have to sell. the more you sell the better the rewards as your stats increase there as well. in fact all your stats increase with everything you have to do. try wearing the best clothing you can find and use the weapons with the best stats for your class to move on.

over all this is just one of the series of dungeon crawlers that this developer has made and is on a par with the rest. the enemies are the same, the characters have a difference to the last game but that is about all that is changed. it s a good solid hard but not too hard game. use the repeatable dungeons to drag your stats up to a level that you hit all the time and also try to make as much cash as possible as that is your entrance fee for the dungeons you have to enter to gain stats and also increase certain levels to move through the game.

some of the artefacts are good items to have while others are a lot like crap. the choice is yours to collect and keep or sell. Try to collect all you can and sell what you do not need. you have a limit to your space but can buy upgrades there.

#5 stinger555 2014-05-08 00:58
Can someone explain the damage system better than "2d6 equals two six sided dice"?
-2 #4 DMs choice 2012-11-18 13:45

I just updated my Flash Player to the newest version, tried to play, and in the midst of one of these tactical battles, the game crashed.
Sure, it did so before. But before, only the plug-in crashed. This time, it crashed MY WHOLE SYSTEM! Critical Abort! Blue screen!
Doesn't seem to have had severe consequences, though, as everything is still running again.
But I will keep my hands off this game from now on!

Which is a real, real shame, because I think I could have liked it.
+4 #3 Jairone 2012-11-10 07:39
Game with a lot of options, and you can technically get as powerful as you want. Alchemy crafting seems to have some OPness to it... once you actually get enough skill to use it. Adding extra damage dice to a weapon with a high damage range is very strong, and the extra hp/mana/armor effects are decent as well. HP and Mana increase effects are common enough, however, without wasting the ingredients.
To do much in the game you need to practice the skills a lot, and early on using light attack is highly recommended. The game has a solid 4 to 6 or so hours of gameplay to beat the storyline (if you focus on that alone.)
The game could use a slight tone down in the combat graphics (it runs a little slow on occasion with flash) and some small quality of life improvements (like crafting multiples at once) and the use of healing scrolls out of combat (because they wouldn't be wasted, dur!)
All in all it is a decent rpg, with a huge emphasis on leveling your skills.
Having played enough to beat the storyline, and do some crafting, I found the game a little lacking at times in progression balance (crafting leveling is painful, mostly due to 1 item at a time then re-select recipe/ingredients.) It seems certain skills level very easily, while some others that are used just as often are less likely to level.
Finally, as a tip: Before crafting, experiment with single cheap items over and over again. It will skill up your artistry skill, making all other crafting easier.
-2 #2 DMs choice 2012-11-09 21:48
A solid RPG in good tradition. I will certainly comment further later, but at the moment I'm quite frustrated since the game keeps crashing, again and again.

I'll see to update my Flash Player, but I hope it's getting checked if something is wrong with the game itself.
+2 #1 earth 2012-11-09 21:26
not bad rpg adventure except it takes long time until char stops missing most of his hits, nice graphics and sounds and good music, loot at beginning is mediocre at best, dying isn't final just temporar setback, to get certain places char needs to have alot cash so quite a while nothing is bought just sold unwanted stuff, high prices vs gold given, "leveling" up is easy although as said earlier its long road to become good fighter, on some battles you get help from other members of party.

overall nice rpg adventure but requires alot patience and luck. loot isn't always same on same place.

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