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Rating: 3.44/5 - 9766 Plays
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Genre: Action-RPG

You and your wife were captured by demons! You have been trapped in a dungeon for a thousand years asleep... You wake up trapped in cell, grab your weapon and let the quest to find your wife begin!







#5 mdhedden 2013-06-14 05:22
awesome retro. felt like I was back at the arcades as a kid. loved it. will need to play more to figure out some parts of the game...
#4 harrier0 2012-09-21 14:35
Good retro game, details of objects discovered sometimes get obscured by on screen info but still great fun 4/5
#3 earth 2012-09-20 20:19
not bad time waster dungeon crawler, bit old graphics and sounds (do their job), easy gameplay, some areas are more easy than others, new equipment (and rest of things) is found on treasure chests, health regeneration is bit slow, dying means start over.

overall nice dungeon crawler with alot to explore.and kill.
#2 fergusferret 2012-09-20 18:24
nice little time waster with a large number of things you can do. take the time to visit all the rooms on each level at least twice or even more to gain extra health and whateer the other is. it helps with your ability to get further and it also helps leveling up.

#1 Apollo 2012-09-20 16:56
Nice time-waster in the Zelda style.

The game saves your progress, unless you die, then you'll have to start all over again which is why I only played it once.

But, maybe you got more perseverance than me ...

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