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Rating: 4.25/5 - 24338 Plays
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Genre: Rpg, Turn Based

Choose your class and play as a Murloc!







#12 fancykm 2012-06-19 16:47
#11 fancykm 2012-06-19 16:47
good game but so short...
#10 Ragnar 2012-05-21 22:00
pity my screen keeps going black 3/5
+2 #9 Figsak 2011-11-11 17:28

When I load my character to arena mode, and I encounter an enemy, the screen just blinks over and over and if I move away from the enemy, my screen goes black.
+1 #8 Fabivs 2011-09-19 16:43
Another Update! (Thanks Earth!)
+2 #7 Fabivs 2011-09-16 15:40
An Updated Version is here!

Many bug fix.
#6 harrier0 2011-09-16 15:00
Good to see a new episode but a shame that its so short. Arena mode is ok but several minor bugs make it a bit hit and miss and as mentioned below loot keeps disappearing from my inventory! 3/5
+1 #5 fergusferret 2011-09-16 11:06
a possible bug in the game here.., I have completed the game and gone through the save to computer option and it ended the game so I opened the game again but am now looking at a flashing screen when a fight should be in progress and normal movement gives a black screen.

not good. I will try refreshing and see if that helps
#4 kageichi 2011-09-13 22:55
loot isnt showing up in my inventory in arena modeQuoting kageichi:
loot isnt showing up in my inventory in arena mode

fixxed it
#3 earth 2011-09-13 22:25
Nice too see that Murloc returns, too bad its still basically same as before aka run between few screens and kill monsters and repeat and do quests.

Still nice game and good addition to AoG.

Like fergusferret said it starts lag after a while and eat resources (on me it ate 25-50% of cpu).

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